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Quality translations at industry-leading speed

Our WPML plugin provides scalable and customizable ways to automate sending and retrieving content for translation without ever leaving WordPress. With MotionPoint’s complete solution, you have full control of your content, which allows you to reduce the effort to create, maintain, and publish digital content in multiple languages.

Superior Certified Translations

Preserve your brand across languages and markets by accelerating the translation workflow process with MotionPoint’s WPML plugin. Our translation services enable you to deliver your content quickly, efficiently, and securely to every market.

Convenient and Easy

An easy-to-use interface empowers you to assign individual or multiple web pages for translation. Once translations are completed, they can be immediately published to your localized site, or you can have them saved as a draft for review and editing.

Full Creative Control

Our WPML plugin supports and enables the localization of all post types, page tags, metadata, custom fields, and strings generated by WordPress themes and plugins. You have complete control of every element of your translation project.

Stable, Reliable, and Secure

MotionPoint’s WPML plugin is rigorously tested against different versions of WordPress, plugins, and themes. Our plugin is also updated automatically to the latest version of WPML.

Multilingual WordPress, Your Competitive Advantage

Our WPML plugin is the most advanced multilingual integration for WordPress in the market. With MotionPoint, you will deliver world-class, authentic localized user experiences with superior performance & value.

Benefits of Connecting Through MotionPoint

24 / 7 / 365 support

Translations are typically delivered within one business day

Secure transmission and retrieval of content via API key

Elegant integration with MotionPoint’s translation services

Access to 112+ languages

Dedicated project support team

Access to Translation Memory for future cost-savings

Capabilities of MotionPoint’s WordPress WPML plugin

Assign multiple pages for translation at once

Receive each page back as soon as it’s completed

Publish translated content automatically

Save translated content as a draft for human review

Access to Translation Reporting Dashboard

Translate your content into multiple languages easily

Compatible with WooCommerce Multilingual

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