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Generate value—and results—with a fully localized customer experience.

Outflank competitors, engage customers and acheive your global business goals. Here’s what you gain with MotionPoint’s fully turn-key translation solution for omnichannel content:

Brand Reputation

Translating your digital content ensures that global customers can do business the way they want, in the languages they prefer. Offering localized content in the channels they use most sets your brand apart—and enhances its credibility.

Professionalism & Productivity

Redirecting your marketers & developers to localize multichannel content prevents them from completing the tasks they were initially hired to do. Keeping teams focused on their primary responsibilities is critical for business success in every market.

Competitive Advantage

Localized content helps new international customers find your brand in organic search and on social media. Investing in a fully localized customer experience can make the difference between being a market leader and playing catch-up with competitors.

Nimble, flexible options to localize your content—fast.

MotionPoint offers two solutions for mobile app and omnichannel translation: our industry-leading fully turn-key proxy approach, and a REST-based API.

Proxy: Truly Turn-Key Translation

MotionPoint’s solution translates web-based content using a proprietary reverse proxy-based approach. We handle all translation workflows with no customer effort required.

Proxy: Technology Independent

Our proxy runs independently of your CMS and other web technologies, enabling it to seamlessly operate without the need for costly connectors or unreliable plugins.

Proxy: Always Up-to-Date

Forge great partnerships with local service providers, distributors and resellers with valuable localized content such as spec sheets, manuals, service guides and other information.

API: Secure

Our API requires an authorization token to be present in every submitted translation request. This ensures that only you, the requesting client, is authorized to use the API.

API: Convenience

MotionPoint’s “Translation Job” API implements a call-back notification system that automatically tells customers when their translated content is completed.

API: Flexibility

Our API enables you to access your previously translated content any time you wish—and use it in any content you wish, for any channel—at no additional cost.

MotionPoint is the localization solution for mobile apps.

MotionPoint’s proven technologies and processes efficiently localize any mobile app, regardless of how they were developed.

Native Apps

Native apps are built specifically for smartphones, and contain content that isn’t accessible through the public web. You can submit native-app content for translation using MotionPoint’s API. The translated content can be embedded in a localized instance of the app.

HTML5 Apps

These apps are usually written in HTML5, JavaScript and CSS 3. Translatable content is loaded through an external web-based resource. MotionPoint’s proxy can translate this content and automatically integrate it into a localized instance of the app, with no customer effort required.

Hybrid Apps

These apps load translatable content through an external resource, which can be proxied by MotionPoint with no customer effort required. Native content is translated and delivered via MotionPoint’s API, and can be embedded in a localized instance of the hybrid app.

Finally, mobile app translation that gets along with all frameworks and code.

Our solution works with all mobile apps, and the coding frameworks used to create and maintain them.

Native (Java, Swift, Kotlin, Objective C)

These mobile apps are written in a smartphone platform’s official coding language. For Android, that’s Java or Kotlin. For iOS, it’s Objective or Swift. MotionPoint can localize these apps via API.

Native Xamarin Apps

Xamarin is a Microsoft technology that enables developers to use a single language (C#) to build Android, iOS and even Windows applications. MotionPoint can localize these apps via API.

Hybrid Web Apps (Ionic, Cordova)

Ionic and Cordova enable developers to write webpages that are specifically designed to be embedded into a mobile app shell. MotionPoint can localize these apps via its proxy or API.

Hybrid Native Apps (React Native, Weex)

Hybrid native apps are a newer category of application. They use native code for the interface, which eliminates many UX and UI issues. MotionPoint can localize these apps via its proxy or API.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps are mobile websites that use HTML5, and can be installed on smartphones like traditional mobile apps. MotionPoint can localize these these apps via proxy or API.


This Google-backed open-source project uses the Dart language. It is compiled to low-level native code to ensure high performance. MotionPoint can localize theses apps via its proxy or API.

Be everywhere your customers are. No effort required.

Smart companies know that the customer experience lives and thrives beyond the smartphone screen. MotionPoint can help you educate, engage and persuade prospective buyers in those digital channels, too.

In-Market Social Media

Increase visibility and shareability on social networks by providing international audiences with compelling tweets, posts and comments—all in their preferred languages.

PIMs for Product Feeds

Localize your product feeds to ensure world-class, consistent brand experiences for customers who shop on relevant third-party virtual marketplaces.

Content Feeds

MotionPoint’s TranSend tool makes it easy for brands to localize content feeds using HTML or XML. Our API can also handle feeds using JSON or XLIFF.

Localized Emails, E-Newsletters & Promotions

Keep global customers engaged with translated marketing and promotional emails, confirmation emails and other digital correspondence.

In-Store Assets for Retail Locations

Companies that offer brick-and-mortar shopping experiences or other in-person interactions benefit from having localized in-store signage and printed materials.


MotionPoint can easily translate text within images, apply voiceovers or subtitles to videos and localize other media for any digital channel.

Enhance the in-store experience with localized kiosks.

MotionPoint’s robust API enables you to localize your in-store kiosk content in any language, for every customer.


With our API, your in-house teams can develop their own integration between MotionPoint’s platform and their kiosk content databases.


MotionPoint’s API works with any code or technology you use to run your kiosk applications.

In-Store Cost Savings

Save money and boost productivity by reducing the number of personnel needed to handle customer needs.

Cost-Effective Translation

Leverage previously translated from other channels—such as your multilingual website or offline documents—and repurpose it for kiosk use at no additional cost.

Increases Loyalty and Conversions

Localizing kiosks expands their convenient features to a wider audience, improving the in-store shopping experience … and increasing customer loyalty and conversions.

Omnichannel Ready

You even can repurpose your kiosk translations for marketing campaigns, offline assets multimedia content and more.

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