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Maximize the impact of your customer journey.

MotionPoint’s portal localization solution empowers you to serve global customers and partners the right way: with a fully translated experience that keeps them educated, engaged and invested in your products and services.

A solution for every use case, language and market.

MotionPoint’s turn-key solution provides organizations with all the resources needed to build, deploy and operate multilingual portals—no matter what their industry or need may be.

Customer Service & Support

Give global customers the freedom to manage their accounts, make payments, add or upgrade services, access customer support content and more—all in the languages they prefer.

Employee Training and HR

Effectively enable your employees worldwide with engaging multilingual training portals, Human Resources management tools, and internal communications platforms.

Partner Portals

Forge great partnerships with local service providers, distributors and resellers with valuable localized content such as spec sheets, manuals, service guides and other information.

Secure Web Applications

Effortlessly detect and translate content within technically complex web apps powered by JavaScript, React, Angular and more.

Scale with Ease

Concurrently launch translated secure login sites in as little as 30 days, in as many markets and languages as you need.


Leverage your portal’s translated content for other uses, including your public-facing website, social media posts, support documentation, videos and other multimedia.

Deliver value to your customers, partners and employees.

MotionPoint eliminates the ongoing technical and operational effort of localizing your secure login areas. And we support key business goals, from cost savings to increased customer—and employee—satisfaction.

Reduce Customer Support Costs

Providing localized self-serve support content—including FAQs, knowledge bases, chatbot scripts and more—eliminates costs associated with staffing bilingual customer support reps.

Synchronize the Customer Experience

MotionPoint translates online content within one business day, ensuring all time-sensitive content (such as software patch information) is always up-to-date for global customers.

Improve Employee Engagement

Increase productivity, improve internal communications and support employee retention efforts with localized payroll capabilities, training, wealth management and more.

Effortlessly localize secure web applications and dynamic content.

Only MotionPoint localizes secure web applications—like ones built with Angular and React, or even custom-developed and legacy systems—with no ongoing effort required from you.

Easily Handles Many Frameworks

MotionPoint’s superior parsing technologies can detect translatable text from secure web applications and still preserve their JavaScript framework logic. After translation, we elegantly reintegrate the localized content back into the applications, too.

Built for Dynamic, Database-Driven Content

MotionPoint translates dynamic content that is not seen “on the page,” fed through either JSON or XML. Customers can select content elements that should be processed for translation, and which ones should pass through as untranslated.

Works with Customized Platforms

Several B2B companies offer white-label portal experiences that can be customized for their enterprise clients. MotionPoint’s solution even detects and translates all relevant content within these complex, customized experiences.

Stand out from the competition with an unrivaled translation partner.

MotionPoint’s solution leverages industry-leading technology and world-class experts, all dedicated to making your localization project effortless—no matter how complex your portal may be.

Turn-Key Ease and Affordability

A Fully Turn-Key Translation Solution: MotionPoint eliminates the operational complexity associated with the localization process. Our solution takes less than 5 hours of IT effort to implement. After launch, we deliver hands-free operation, and fully handle translation, hosting, upkeep and IT tasks on an ongoing basis.

Positive Customer Experience: Our translators are experts in the industries they translate for, and are well-versed in any technical terminology required for portal sites. And since they’re also fluent in the cultures of the markets you’re targeting, they can create localized, authentic content that resonates with buyers.

Budget-Friendly Translation: MotionPoint combines leading content-detection technology with translation memory, a database that stores all translations associated with a digital localization project. A localized phrase can be published hundreds—or thousands—of times at no additional cost.

Technology Independence

Robust and Future-Proof: MotionPoint translates any online-based content—including content on secure portal sites—without directly integrating with a CMS or other back-end technology. This enables you to redesign your portal experience, or upgrade your content management platform, whenever you like.

Handles Legacy Systems and Disparate Coding Languages: It’s common for companies to use content databases that have been in use for many years, or portals that are built using several coding languages or frameworks. MotionPoint elegantly sidesteps all compatibility issues that may arise in these scenarios.

Unrivaled Content Detection: Translatable portal content can reside in formats beyond conventional text, such as multimedia, applications and content delivered via third-party services. MotionPoint’s technology smartly locates, identifies and translates all relevant content, no matter where it lives online.

World-class security that never sleeps—and never sees your customers’ data.

MotionPoint’s proxy technology can translate content behind secure HTTPS connections, while leaving customers’ sensitive data untouched. Our solution doesn’t see, or store, any personally-identifiable information anywhere in our systems.

PCI DSS Level 1 Service Provider

MotionPoint successfully completes annual security assessments conducted by an independent PCI SSC Qualified Security Assessor. We also demonstrate ongoing practices that comply with PCI DSS.

HIPAA/HITECH Business Associate

MotionPoint completes regular independent assessments to ensure we comply with HIPAA Privacy and Security rules. This includes audits to demonstrate HIPAA compliance.

Data Encryption in Transit

We support industry-recommended methods that rely on secure encryption protocols for transmitting data on your behalf. We continually upgrade our encryption methods, too.

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