The Ultimate Guide to Outsourcing vs Insourcing Website Translation

In under 5 minutes, learn the secrets of cost estimation and make an informed decision on insourcing vs outsourcing translation

Video Thumbnail Insource vs Outsource Translation

Website translation is complex

There are many parts to consider when starting a translation project. Learn more about them so you’re not taken by surprise.

The Technologies

This video explains all the technologies to consider that can be utilized for your website translation project

The People

It takes a village to translate a webisite, learn about the personal required for your project

Translation Quality

Translation quality makes a big impact on the success of your tranlsation project and how it's received, find out more in this webinar

In this webinar you will learn:

How to evaluate your needs based on the maturity curve of the translation lifecycle

Total cost of ownership, personnel, technology, services, frequencies in updates, speed to market

Time and Efficiency Considerations

Degrees of outsourcing website translation (Partially vs Fully)

How to save an average of 40% on your translation costs


Evan Kramer

Chief Executive Officer

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