Industry-Leading Cost Savings

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Segment Optimization

Our Globalization Platform analyzes your company’s primary-market site, detecting instances of word and phrase repetition.

Armed with this data, our technologies then intelligently leverage translations for your global sites in new ways to reduce costs.

Clients often enjoy translation savings of 20% or more.


Multi-Country Sequencer

MotionPoint’s exclusive Multi-Country Sequencer technology empowers linguists to use translated phrases in innovative ways, reducing the cost of entering new markets by 75% or more.

Many countries speak the same language, but vocabularies vary from country to country. These divergences can be so great that, depending on the geographic region, only locals understand what they mean.

MotionPoint’s Multi-Country Sequencer efficiently addresses these differences with a powerful localization technology that automatically substitutes key phrases with locally-preferred ones. This increases the relevance and authenticity of the translated text.

Multi-Country Sequencer also routes content to a linguist for immediate polishing, if locally-preferred phrases impact a translated sentence’s syntax or declension.

With minimal effort and investment, companies can now repurpose existing translated content for many markets, while leveraging the power of regionally-relevant localizations.

This groundbreaking technology can be used to translate sites into Arabic, Chinese, English, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish.

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API Support

Our RESTfuI APIs grant you direct access to your company’s Translation Memory database.

You can effortlessly retrieve existing translations at no cost, and submit new content for translation as needed.

Our clients can use any translations MotionPoint has already created in any way they wish.

Further, any new translations that are processed through our API will be added to your language database for future use.