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In addition to the technologies we use to make website translation effortless for customers, MotionPoint leverages expert account teams that oversee every aspect of your unique website translation project.

With MotionPoint’s account team, you don’t have to:

Create expensive in-house translation teams, or rely on legacy agencies’ outdated translation workflows

Burden your IT team with ongoing extra work to configure, launch and maintain translated websites

Overwhelm your marketing team with localization tasks that distract them from their core job tasks

Pressure your designers to duplicate their work in multiple languages for different markets

MotionPoint’s fully turn-key proxy solution eliminates the costs and complexities associated with typical web localization services, handling the entire process from start to finish.

Meet your MotionPoint account team.

Translation Team

MotionPoint completely manages your website’s translation process. Our world-class translators and editors follow ISO-certified processes. They’re experts in your industry. They’re experts in the cultures of the global markets you’re reaching, too.

This dedicated team uses an optimized website translation process to localize your content every day, for the life of your project. Our linguists ensure your brand’s voice and industry terms are accurately represented on your localized websites.

We work with you to create localized glossaries and style guides. Your project’s translation team will rigorously follow these resources to ensure world-class translation quality and brand consistency.

Project Management

Every MotionPoint customer has a dedicated Strategic Account Manager assigned as the primary point of contact, from a project’s inception to completion. Your Strategic Account Manager works to ensure MotionPoint understands your goals and expectations so that we properly align our teams, tools and technology to focus on your success—and keep you constantly updated along the way.

Customers may also receive additional dedicated support resources, if needed.

Translation Account Manager

Translation Account Managers are responsible for ensuring website and omnichannel content is translated promptly and accurately. They are experts in your brand style guides, and look for opportunities to optimize translated content to reduce costs.

Web Engineer

We also assign a dedicated Web Engineer to your project, who oversees the technical aspects of its day-to-day operation. Your Web Engineer helps eliminate the IT effort and costs you’d otherwise spend to manage your localized website.

Quality Assurance Team

Before we deploy your localized website, our Quality Assurance Team conducts on-site QA audits to ensure the site looks, feels and functions correctly. Any issues are immediately reported and escalated to the appropriate team for correction.

Design and Media Team

Our Design and Media Team ensures that localized images, videos and other multimedia assets preserve your original content’s high-quality look and feel. They also guarantee your brand’s integrity is preserved throughout all design-related elements.

Customer Support

Our support team is available to address your concerns 24/7/365 via our online customer support portal, telephone or other channels. All support tickets are escalated to relevant experts. You’ll receive real-time progress updates on your most urgent requests.

Continued Customer Success

An important aspect of our Account Executives’ role is to ensure you receive a world-class customer experience. As the relationship owner, they serve as your internal champion, focus on your objectives and help educate your team on MotionPoint solutions (both current and upcoming).

We’re dedicated to your brand.

MotionPoint selects each account team member for their industry experience, subject matter expertise, and overall fit for every customer’s website translation project. Your account team works with you throughout the life of your project.

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