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MotionPoint has comprehensive workflows for website localization.

Crafting great website translations requires more than talent. It takes professionals armed with a solid understanding of your industry, international customers and project needs. And to be truly successful, they must be supported by proven processes.

Here are a few of ours.

Team assignment

MotionPoint assigns a dedicated team of professional linguists to handle your website translation, every day, for the life of your project. As they collaborate with your brand experts (or appointed brand owner), they become fluent in your brand.

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Building the right team

After we determine your project’s scope, target audience and business goals, MotionPoint assembles a translation team and assigns the following roles:

Translators use powerful translation tools and reference materials to efficiently localize your content for global customers.

Proofreaders check for linguistic accuracy and narrative flow.

Editors ensure the spirit and intent of your original content is preserved, and that your industry’s terminology has been properly localized.

A Quality Control editor then reviews the translations to guarantee your brand’s unique voice and tone are accurately presented.

MotionPoint translation applicants must pass a rigorous certification program. Fewer than 6% pass. Even fewer are hired. Our translation process is ISO 9001- and ISO 17100-certified to maintain the highest quality standards.

This team continually translates your website, day in and day out, for the life of your project.

Communicating priorities and goals

At the beginning of the project, MotionPoint’s translation team communicates with your brand owner to identify your project’s priorities and goals.

These early collaborations set the foundation for the efficient and accurate management of your project.

Localized glossary and style guide

Based on your input, our team creates two website translation tools: a localized glossary of important terms and a style guide for your company’s brand voice. We then solicit feedback and approval from your team.

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What are glossaries and style guides?

A translation glossary identifies key terminology—such as industry-specific terms, product names and other phrases that require special attention.

A style guide provides insights and guidance for localizing your brand’s tone, voice and message.

Before we present the localized glossary and style guide to you for review, we scrutinize them for linguistic quality and accuracy.

Translation Begins

After your team approves the translation glossary and style guide, the wesbsite translation process begins. We translate your text, graphics, applications, omnichannel content and other materials.

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Translation of sample pages

Once your glossary and style guidelines are finalized, MotionPoint’s linguists translate several sample webpages for your review. This familiarizes our team with your content and branding.

It also gives our team an opportunity to evaluate our translation quality for your project, and make continual adjustments to fine-tune word choice and phrasing. We carefully review and grade the sample pages on several linguistic categories.

These sample pages are then sent to you to review for accuracy, messaging and brand voice.


Our translations undergo a rigorous internal quality control process. You’ll also have opportunities to offer feedback on our work. In addition, you’ll preview how your translated content appears online before your localized site is published.

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Quality control

Throughout this process, your Quality Control editors continually audit the translated content to ensure all revisions have been properly implemented.

They also vet the localized content to ensure that the messaging, tone and voice resonates with your target audience.


Once the quality control process is completed, we publish your localized website. At this point, MotionPoint enters the “operation” phase of translating and managing your website on an ongoing basis.

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Continual translation evaluations

MotionPoint understands that the content on your website will evolve over time—and so will its brand style, voice and tone.

We continually review translations throughout the lifetime of your project, ensuring your localized websites always reflect the current messaging, voice and tone of your origin site.

We’re dedicated to your brand.

MotionPoint selects each account team member for their industry experience, subject matter expertise, and overall fit for every customer’s website translation project. Your account team works with you throughout the life of your project.

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