AI-Driven Website Localization

All-In-One “Done for You” Enterprise Website Translation & Localization

All-In-One “Done for You”
Enterprise Website Translation & Localization

Effortlessly translate and maintain localized websites with MotionPoint's concierge-level managed platform. Ideal for mid-market and enterprise companies—all at a single bundled price.

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MP Concierge: MotionPoint's Website Localization Platform

MP Concierge is a concierge-level, fully managed website translation solution. Three components, MP Core, Adaptive Translation™, and Beyond Word Services enable fast translation, and reduce translation costs without sacrificing quality.
MP Concierge Components:
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MP Core

Ensures complete translation coverage for your website. Easily control, collect, translate and deploy new content daily. 

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Adaptive Translation™

Reduce the cost of human translation without sacrificing translation quality.

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Beyond Words Services

Customer support and concierge‑level services that go beyond translation.

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The Process of Translating Your Website with MotionPoint

Step One:

Your website's content is crawled, collected and fully translated with our AI-driven Adaptive Translation technology.

Step Two:

After translation, MotionPoint helps prioritize the pages that would benefit from human translation post-editing to save costs and increase translation quality in your most important pages.

Step Three:

Your translated website is live, and continuously localized thereafter. It’s that easy.

Concierge-Level Translation Delivery

Connect content directly to professional translators and automate website translation workflows with our white-glove translation services.

Selectively choose between human translation, machine translation and generative AI to control costs without sacrificing quality. Tell us what parts of the translation process you want to control then let MotionPoint handle the rest.

Translatable content passing through the MotionPoint platform for translation and delivered to a global audience

Guiding You Through Website Translation

Once your website is translated by our Adaptive Translation, you’ll need to decide if you want to have a “human in the loop” to ensure your website is effectively localized. This process is called a Machine Translation Post Edit (MPTE).

Our team of website localization experts will help you understand all your options and make the decision that’s best for your organization.

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Content for translation passing through MotionPoints Adaptive Translation for automated translation ending with a human editor

Adaptive Translation™ Is Improving Website Translation

The days of paying more for translation quality are ending.

Adaptive Translation™ now combines artificial intelligence, algorithmic translation, and translation memory to minimize costs without sacrificing quality.

Optional human post-editing ensures your website has the best quality in any language – faster than your competitors.

Learn how you can save up to 60% on human translation costs by leveraging Adaptive Translation™ with MotionPoint.

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Customer Success Stories

See what our customers have to say about our translation and localization solutions

Mohawk College Case Study

MotionPoint Helps Diversify Mohawk College’s Student Population with Localization.
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Aventa Credit Union Case Study

Aventa Credit Union Succeeds with Website Translation
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Master Lock Case Study

Securing International Growth Without Increasing Overhead
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What Translation Solution Do You Need?

Translation technology can help localize the following content at scale.

Website Translation

Automated content detection technology. Easily localize, launch and manage multilingual websites while reducing costs with our translation memory.

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Multilingual Marketing

Enhance global reach with specialized multilingual marketing services

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Software Localization

Software translation technology for mobile applications, product experiences, single page applications and more.

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Problems Solved with Managed Translation Services

A dedicated localization and translation company significantly reduces the time and labor costs associated with translation projects.

Limited Resources

We quickly localize your content into any language without adding more work to your team. Save money with us and never pay for translating the same sentence twice.

Time To Market

We offer the fastest human translation turnaround time in the industry. For over 22 years, we’ve helped our customers find the fastest way to fill their marketing funnels in new languages.

Translation Quality

Quality assurance and double human translation means superior translation quality. Our professional translation services and certified linguists are experts in your industry and become experts in your brand voice.

Investing in the Right Translation Partner

Managing your translation needs alone can be pricy. In addition to accumulating high staffing costs, companies typically take 12-18 months to deploy new multilingual websites by themselves. 

Partner with MotionPoint for Website Translation

Launch new multilingual websites in 60 days or less.

Automatically identify and translate new content in one business day.

Eliminate in-house staffing and training costs.

Receive daily website crawls to automatically identify and translate new content.

Enjoy concierge-level outsourced translation management service.

Allow your marketing and technology teams to focus on what they do best.

Generate revenue from multilingual sites in as little as 60 days.

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You could save over 60% on human translation without sacrificing quality.

Take a Deeper Dive

Want to learn more about the translation and localization industry? Check out our resource section and become an expert on all things related to a great multilingual experience.

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