International SEO Best Practices

By implementing hreflang tagging on your multilingual sites, MotionPoint can deploy localized sitemaps, which improve your sites’ rankings in local search engines. It also ensures your localized site has the same relevance and ranking as your origin website.

MotionPoint-powered websites are always visible to Google and other search engines, and fully indexable by their crawler technologies.

In addition, we translate SEO-rich content, including metadata and structured data, page title and descriptions, Open Graph data, Twitter cards and more. MotionPoint also conducts thorough keyword research for your brand, industry and market.

Content and Code Customizations

MotionPoint’s solution enables you to customize specific website elements and content for global customers.

Local Contact

Present users with local-market contact information for customer support


Swap Imperial for metric measurements


Provide cost estimates in local currencies

Local Phrases

Present locally preferred words and phrases


Offer market-specific promotions or on-site content

More Customizations

And more

These customizations present an authentic, culturally relevant customer experience, which increases trust, engagement and conversion rates.

Analytics Enablement

MotionPoint is compatible with all website analytics solutions. We can track traffic, engagement and other important metrics of your localized websites. Alternately, we can work with your team to ensure your reporting systems can track the performance of the sites.

Localize content beyond your website.

MotionPoint’s proxy-based solution and API empower you to re-use your translations across channels—from PIM to email campaigns, product feeds, offline documents, social and more.

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