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An Introduction: How MotionPoint Localizes Mobile Application Content

Mobile-first global customers expect great user experiences on their devices of choice, in their preferred languages.

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August 07, 2018


Smartphones are quickly becoming the only Internet-connected device global customers are using to research and buy products and services. In established and emerging markets alike, mobile apps have become the primary way many customers interact with brands.

This is especially true in global markets, where mobile-first customers not only expect a great user experience on their devices of choice—they expect it to be in their preferred languages, too.

Read on to learn how MotionPoint is uniquely positioned to translate content for your customers’ mobile experience.

Mobile Applications and Translated Content with MotionPoint

Localizing your company’s mobile content can increase your discoverability in regional app stores and online, and illustrates your brand’s commitment to global customer needs. But localizing your mobile app depends on the application format, as well as how it handles content:

  • Native apps have content embedded within the app itself; it can’t be accessed from the web, which means content updates require additional effort.
  • HTML5 apps behave like “shortcuts” to present a mobile-friendly version of a website using HTML5, JavaScript, CSS or other standard web technologies, which means content is accessible as it would be for the site itself.
  • Hybrid apps allow for HTML5 content to be embedded within the native app, and the content can be dynamically updated within a static container.

MotionPoint’s website and digital-content translation solution can localize mobile content for any mobile application format, including native, HTML 5 and hybrid apps. It’s also flexible enough to effectively translate both native and web-based material.

How MotionPoint Tackles Mobile Content Translation

Just as with its website translation projects, MotionPoint offers its customers a mobile translation solution that eases the burden on internal teams and makes the process seamless.

For Native Applications

  • First, we collect content from your mobile application, either through our web service—which allows you to create your own process to automatically retrieve and queue content in XML, HTML, JSON or plain text formats—or you can submit it easily via our TranSend online portal.
  • Next, we deploy our expert translation teams to create translation glossaries and style guides, and use those assets to translate the content we’ve collected. Our teams include native speakers of your target languages, proofreaders, style editors, and quality control editors to ensure your translations are accurate, authentic and true to your brand.
  • Finally, we deliver your translated content via our web service or TranSend technology so you can easily and seamlessly load native application content into your back-end systems.

For HTML5-Based Applications, or Content Within Native Apps

  • For HTML5-based content, our solution detects, queues, translates and publishes your app’s localized text and multimedia with no effort required on your end.
  • When a global user navigates your HTML5-powered mobile experience (or the HTML5-powered content in a hybrid app), our solution instantly delivers the appropriate localized experience in real time.

Maximize the Small Screen For Your Global Business

For companies seeking to successfully conduct business around the world, translating their mobile apps is no longer a “nice to have.” It’s mission-critical. MotionPoint’s translation solution enables companies in any industry to localize their apps in any language, for any market.

Our mix of human expertise and technical capabilities offers customers the ability to seamlessly manage their mobile content and reach customers on their devices of choice—in their language, giving your business a truly global edge in today’s mobile-driven world.

Last updated on August 07, 2018

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