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MotionPoint sets industry best practices for selecting superior translation teams.

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September 29, 2017


Your global brand and websites deserve the best translations. To achieve that, you need a team of linguists, editors and quality assurance specialists that’s more than merely good. The team must be experienced, versatile and knowledgeable about your industry. Being passionate about your brand helps, too.

MotionPoint delivers just that. We select linguists and editors based on exacting, high standards. And we assemble teams you can trust to craft accurate, authentic online experiences that are worthy of your brand.

Experts In Your Industry

It requires more than linguistic fluency to craft great translations. You need a team of experts with skills, certifications and a solid understanding of your industry’s subject matter and target audience.

Industry-specific terminology can be confusing or obscure, posing challenges even for native speakers. At MotionPoint, only translators fluent in both the target language and the lingo of the industry are considered qualified to accurately localize technical content.

Experts In Your Brand

Most vendors put your content—and your brand—in the hands of whichever linguist might be available when your content requires translation. These disparate translators are often located all over the world.

That might create the impression of speedy global service, but it’s hard to craft brand-perfect translations when your translator hasn’t heard of your brand.

MotionPoint’s approach is different. We offer 24/7/365 translation availability, but provide a dedicated translation team assigned to your project from day one. The same linguists localize your website, day in and out. They’re on call for urgent tasks, too.

Since this same team works on your project at launch and ongoing, it easily adapts to any changes you make in tone or messaging, keeping your localized content fresh and engaging.

The Power of Glossary & Style Guide

We also work with you to develop a glossary and style guide—linguistic rulebooks that provide industry-specific terms, as well as your brand voice and tone. The goal is to perfectly replicate your brand’s personality, consistently, in other languages.

The final result will be a “Rosetta Stone” of your brand, always accessible to our linguists for reference.

Ensuring Quality at Launch and Ongoing

MotionPoint also includes quality assurance as part of its services. We coordinate with translators to follow your glossary and style guidelines. This helps ensure we have accurately represented your brand’s voice and tone.

‘In Context’ Translation

Some languages require more words or characters express certain concepts than others. (For instance, Spanish translations are often 20% to 30% longer than their English counterparts.) This phenomenon is known as word growth, and it can impact the look and feel of webpages. Text that grows beyond the bounds of text fields can creating disjointed pages. That’s bad for a brand.

MotionPoint solves this with a superior translation workbench and tool that provides translators with a live view of how text, images, and multimedia appear together on a webpage. If lengthy translations “break” a page’s design, translators can quickly modify word choices in real-time to accommodate the template.

The result: Your site’s look and feel is preserved across all markets.

This contextual integrity is invaluable for translators, guaranteeing an excellent user experience for your customers.


MotionPoint’s translation teams are qualified professional linguists, subject-matter experts, and brand mavens. Our dedication to proven processes, and our use of superior translation tools and technologies, delivers world-class quality for your localized websites.

As you review website translation vendors and their translation capabilities, be mindful of MotionPoint’s approach and quality standards. With your brand’s reputation on the line in new markets, you shouldn’t settle for anything less.

Last updated on September 29, 2017
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