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Educating Your Digital Marketing Agency About MotionPoint’s Solution

Our solution won't interfere with your agency's approach, or hamstring its ability to craft custom campaigns or content for global markets.

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January 25, 2018


You already know that website translation plays a critical role in growing brand awareness in global markets. But some of your company’s partners may not yet understand its importance.

In this ongoing blog series, we help you position the value of MotionPoint’s solution to various stakeholders associated with your company. Today, we’ll address some common questions your Digital Marketing Agency might have about our approach.

Answers for your Digital Marketing Agency

MotionPoint’s solution creates a localized ‘copy’ of my flagship site. How much can I really customize each of my client’s global sites? Different markets demand different marketing strategies.

Our technology won’t hamstring your ability to craft custom campaigns or content for global markets. MotionPoint’s solution offers several different options for customization:

You can define the scope of translation—we can translate your entire flagship website, or just strategically-important sections.

You select any customized market-specific, regulatory, or time-sensitive content to be translated—we do the rest. We understand that different markets have different regulatory requirements, and that time-sensitive content must be kept current. Accommodating these details is our specialty.

And if you have different offerings in each market, we can translate separate instances of your origin site for each satellite market. You’ll still receive the benefit of using a centralized translation memory—a database of your translations—to maintain efficiency. Because our translation memory maintains a database of your previously translated content, it ensures you’ll never pay to translate the same content twice.

How much influence will I really have over the website and the marketing actions over it?

Let’s break down our answer into two categories: your involvement, and your control.

Your involvement: You can participate in the initial and ongoing website translation process as much as you wish. Engage directly with our team to approve every nuance of word choice, translation quality and more. Or oversee only the content or website sections that are most important to you. Or leave it all up to us. It’s your call. We’re flexible.

Your control: You can also exert as much control over your client’s localized site’s content and strategy as you like. You can personally craft new content for the site, or collaborate with us. You’re the boss. We’ll never get in the way of your marketing and business goals.

Transparency and accessibility: Further, MotionPoint’s proxy won’t affect your localized website’s analytics or metrics, so you’ll still be able to gauge performance in as much detail as you choose. We also offer 24/7 customer support. MotionPoint is available to answer your questions and address your needs every day of the year.

Will MotionPoint interfere with the way we have arranged our client’s marketing strategy? We want complete autonomy of our site.

MotionPoint simply adds muscle to the marketing strategy you have in place. We research the SEO search terms most often used by consumers in your target markets, maintain a style guide that ensures that your localized sites support your overarching marketing goals and maintain consistency with the voice and tone of your organization.

MotionPoint allows you to have a scalable internationalization strategy that gives your digital agency the opportunity to assist in reaching more markets. All campaigns in local markets can leverage previously translated content, or include new content that requires additional translation. MotionPoint’s solution accommodates both with ease.

By handling the workload, we reduce your own localization expenses—such as outsourcing and subsidiaries—which can keep costs under control.


MotionPoint’s solution is designed for flexibility and autonomy. I won’t reduce your agency’s level of control. In fact, it leverages and amplifies the work your team already does.

We’re sensitive both to the preferred languages of your client’s customers and to the public voice of your client’s organization. You remain as involved as you choose to be in the actual process, and we do the rest. That’s a deal that’s hard to beat.

Last updated on January 25, 2018
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