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How MotionPoint Gives You Full Control of Your Translations In Every Market

Learn how our daily translation capabilities—and powerful tools such as LiveEdit and Market Manager—offer customers full creative oversight of their localized CXs.

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February 26, 2020


MotionPoint fully handles the translation and operation of our customers’ websites, secure portal experiences and omnichannel content on an ongoing basis. The time-consuming, costly and complex tasks that would otherwise impact a company’s Marketing and IT teams are completely offloaded onto MotionPoint’s technology and people.

However, MotionPoint also believes customers should have full control over how their global brand is represented across languages and markets. That’s why we provide tools for customers to easily provide feedback about our translations, modify them, or make their own for specific markets.

Let’s take a closer look at MotionPoint’s turn-key translation approach, and the powerful software customers can use to refine our translations—or craft them on their own.

MotionPoint: Accurate, Efficient Daily Translation

MotionPoint’s solution automatically detects translatable content in origin websites, portals or digital content, whether it’s text on a page, in an image, a PDF or complicated single-page application.

We automatically export this content for immediate translation, and upload the localized versions once our translations are complete. You don’t expend any effort. We deliver these translations typically within one business day.

Our translators also use resources that our customers help create at the beginning of their projects. They include:

  • A localized Glossary, which provides explicit guidance on how specific industry terms and phrases should be translated
  • A localized Style Guide, which provides critical insights regarding how to localize a brand’s voice and style
  • A thorough understanding of our customers’ business goals, which can inform the use of certain market-relevant SEO keywords

LiveEdit: Revising MotionPoint’s Translations

Most of MotionPoint’s customers are delighted by our world-class translations and fluency in their unique business goals. However, we understand that no one knows a company’s brand and customers better than the company itself.

We offer several ways our customers can provide direct feedback to our linguists about a specific phrase, or revise those phrases themselves:

  1. Customers can request translation changes through our online MotionPortal ticketing system
  2. They can also provide direct feedback through LiveEdit, our cloud-based Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) software
  3. They may also revise translations directly using LiveEdit

What Does LiveEdit Do?

LiveEdit is easy to use, and enables customers to exercise greater control over their website translations. With LiveEdit, our customers can:

  • Navigate and review the full scope of their localized websites
  • Provide linguistic feedback to MotionPoint’s translation team
  • Personally revise translations for improved clarity, word choice, etc.
  • Review feedback and edits performed by their own team members
  • Review their project’s localized Glossary and Style Guide resources

LiveEdit’s Capabilities and Value

LiveEdit’s CAT capabilities also provide a “live view” of translations in relation to how they appear alongside on-page images, menus and other design elements. This provides time- and cost-saving benefits, including:

  • Helps prevent text misalignments or other UX flaws that may occur when LiveEdit users make content changes
  • Reduces translation costs by using in-house resources for simple edits and reviews, rather than relying on MotionPoint’s translation team
  • Speedy publication of revised translated content
  • Direct contact with MotionPoint’s translation team
  • First-hand assurance that brand voice and messaging are accurate and consistent, site-wide

Market Manager: Customized Translations for Regions & Markets

There are use cases in which companies want even more creative control over their translations, especially when working with their regional or in-market sales and marketing teams.

While MotionPoint can make editorial revisions based on their direct feedback, these local experts may wish to refine MotionPoint’s translations themselves—or craft entirely new translations from scratch. Our cloud-based Market Manager software makes this possible.

Market Manager, currently in beta, enables our customers to replace standardized content with impactful localized content that caters to a market’s unique culture and buying preferences.

Using an intuitive interface similar to LiveEdit, our customers can publish localized campaign content, replace translated phrases with more regionally relevant words or lingo, and more.

Market Manager delivers compelling value for in-market resources, including:

Create Custom Campaigns for Multilingual Sites

Market Manager enables local marketing teams to easily identify existing translated content on their localized websites (such as a promotion exclusively for U.S. customers) and replace it with customized imagery and messaging of their choosing.

Target Campaign Audiences by Geolocation

These local teams can display their customized campaigns exclusively to website visitors based in specific markets. They have full control over what their customers see, and what offers they can enjoy.

Dashboard for Managing Campaign Status

Market Manager helps our customers view the ongoing status of their localized sites’ custom campaigns, and access information about them. They can assign “start” and “end” dates for localized campaigns, and more.

In-Context Editing Capability

Like LiveEdit, Market Manager offers users the ability to craft and review any customized content within the context of other on-page elements such as headlines, images and menus.


With MotionPoint, you always have control over how your translations are crafted—and how your brand is presented across languages and markets.

Contact us for more information about the capabilities of our turn-key ongoing translation solution, or how your team can revise existing translations—or craft their own—using our LiveEdit and Market Manager tools.

Last updated on February 26, 2020
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