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How to Streamline Your Multilingual Website Redesign Project

Website redesigns present an opportunity to accelerate growth in global markets.

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December 03, 2018


Redesigning your website and localizing for global customers has historically been complicated, writes MotionPoint Director of Solution Engineering Todd Michalik in a guest column at EContent.

But today, there are several ways to mitigate costs and complexity—and deliver a redesigned website with an optimized, localized experience for your customers from start to finish, Michalik writes.

Michalik describes methods for mitigating costs and complexity when preparing your website for global audiences, including:

  • Instead of embedding text in images, externalize text to save translation costs and improve SEO ranking
  • Accommodate for longer or shorter text with responsive website design and dynamic page templates
  • Localize dynamic and third-party content that lives outside your CMS, such as error messages hailing from external JavaScript files

Get the full story—and actionable tips—at EContent.

Last updated on December 03, 2018

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