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Selling to Locals Means Selling Like a Local

Offer unique product assortments, authentically speak the language and adapt to cultural sensitivities, our EVP writes.

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March 20, 2018

Craig Witt
Craig Witt

If your brand isn’t expanding into international online markets, it risks being irrelevant after 2020, writes MotionPoint EVP Craig Witt in a guest column at Apparel. The future of growth is global and online, plain and simple, he says.

To successfully sell to customers worldwide, you need smart technologies and processes to streamline the localization of your online product assortments, Witt writes. This flexibility can meet needs for regional seasonality, local buying preferences and more.

But offering market-relevant assortments is only part of the battle. Customizing the content that accompanies those assortments is where the real challenge lies. That’s where localization—a kind of region-specific translation and marketing—comes in.

Learn all about it in Witt’s post at Apparel.

Last updated on March 20, 2018

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