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Educating Your IT Director About MotionPoint’s Solution

Learn how to address the common questions IT directors ask about MotionPoint’s solutions.

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Reagan Evans

December 23, 2020


You understand the value of localizing your company’s website for global markets. But it’s possible that not all decision makers within your company share your perspective. They might need more convincing.

In this new blog series, we help you position the value of MotionPoint’s solution to various stakeholders within your company. This week, we’ll address common questions and concerns your IT Director or manager might have about our approach.

Answers for IT Directors

How much extra work will a multilingual website put on my team?

If you’re taking on website translation in-house, managing the specialized technology and processes that support a multilingual website are technically and operationally complex, and time-intensive. The additional tasks you’ll take will either get lost in your backlog, or pull resources away from overseeing your primary-market website.

For instance: You’ll have to set up tools and workflows that detect when new content is published on your primary site, process it for translation, and integrate that translated content back into your system. These processes happen not just once, but on an ongoing basis.

These specialized tasks go beyond your IT team’s core competencies. They’ll lead to inefficiencies caused by an overworked, overwhelmed team.

With other approaches, IT teams must set up new, complicated tools and workflows. This often leads to delays and inefficiencies.

Also, the effort you’ll invest with an in-house approach will exponentially increase based on the complexity of your website. As an example, the more dynamically-loaded or third-party content your site uses, the more complicated and costly your translation processes will wind up being.

MotionPoint’s fully turn-key proxy solution eliminates the complex workload associated with translation and the ongoing maintenance of a localized website with efficient technologies and expert personnel.

Your IT team can focus on operating and continually improving your primary-market website while MotionPoint handles the rest.

How can I trust MotionPoint to deliver a quality localized website on par with our primary-market site?

MotionPoint’s proxy solution leverages your existing code and content to replicate the experience of your primary-market website. Any changes made on the primary website—from features to functionality—will automatically be reflected on the translated website.

The only code changes MotionPoint ever makes are when you request them. An example of this might be displaying customized content for customers in specific markets.

MotionPoint’s solution eliminates IT effort by leveraging your website’s existing code and content.

Technical QA is also included in MotionPoint’s solution. Your localized sites is regularly monitored to:

  • Detect partial translations or misalignments created by translation-related word growth
  • Test user experience and critical conversion flows
  • Ensure the integrity of the website’s overall look, feel, and function
  • And more

Technical issues are handled by MotionPoint’s development team and translation managers. Unless the problem stems from an issue with your primary-market website, your IT or marketing teams will never need to be involved.

How secure is the MotionPoint solution?

MotionPoint’s technologies are designed and operated to meet rigorous security compliance requirements, such as PCI DSS and HIPAA/HITECH, among others.

In addition, personally identifiable information, such as user names, passwords, and credit card numbers, are never stored in MotionPoint servers. All user-entered information passes through our proxy-based solution and sent as a post request to the customer’s backend.

The proxy solution creates a seamless localized user experience, in addition to providing an additional layer of security.

How does the MotionPoint solution impact our technology stack and development roadmap?

MotionPoint’s proxy technology is omnivorous and future-proof, built to work with any technology or vendor you use—now and in the future.

MotionPoint’s current customers have technology ecosystems that vary between simple and lean to complex and bespoke. Common examples of technologies used include Endeca or Bloomreach for search functionality, AWS or Akamai for CDN, Borderfree for checkout, and CMSs such as Sitecore, Hybris, Episerver and Typo3.

Feel free to use whatever technology you want, whenever you want. It will all work with MotionPoint’s platform-agnostic solution.

MotionPoint’s solution gets along with whatever technology you’re using, now and in the future.


When it comes to translating, deploying, and operating multilingual websites, MotionPoint’s turn-key proxy technology handles all of the under-the-hood complexities that traditionally burden IT teams.

It delivers quality localized user experiences on par with your main market website, ensures protection of sensitive data, and is compatible with any other technology you use—now and forever.

If you’d like even more insights that can address your IT Director’s specific questions and concerns, contact us. We’ll schedule a discovery session.

Last updated on December 23, 2020
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