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Win More Global Business on Virtual Marketplaces with Localized Websites

Corporate websites play an integral part in educating customers in global markets, our CRO writes.

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August 05, 2019

Craig Witt
Craig Witt

E-commerce aggregators and marketplace websites—such as Mercado Libre and Alibaba—empower brands to serve global customers with centralized “virtual mall” experiences.

However, brands must understand that their own company websites are still important to the digital customer experience, writes MotionPoint’s Chief Revenue Officer Craig Witt in an article for Digital Commerce 360.

Witt explains how savvy companies extend the customer journey beyond virtual marketplaces and win more business:

  • They localize mission-critical sections of websites, including navigation, contact forms and project information
  • They re-use translated content in marketplace product listings whenever possible to maintain brand consistency
  • They support customers post-conversion with translated product manuals and other resources

Read the full story at Digital Commerce 360.

Last updated on August 05, 2019

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