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Test Two Markets for the Price of One

Did you know that 72.1% of consumers spend most or all their time on websites in their own language? Additionally, 72.4% said they are more likely to make a purchase if the information is in their own language.
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For many industries, testing a new global market is as easy as implementing a strong website translation strategy.

If you want to translate your website to reach more customers, why not test out another new group?

When MotionPoint helped Amtrak tap into the U.S. Hispanic market, our ongoing optimization services helped them generate a 4-year Compounded Annual Growth Rate of 60%.

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Website Translation for Your Business

We know every business requires a customized strategy. MotionPoint successfully serves all industries in their website translation and localization needs. Learn more below.

Website Translation for Healthcare

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Website Translation for Retail and e-Commerce

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Website Translation for Financial Services

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Website Translation for Manufacturing

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Get Human Quality Translations for Less

Our customers get results – and they can save up to 60% on human translation costs.
We offer multiple ways to localize, launch, and manage your website to best fit your business’ needs.
MP Core: Proxy Translation

The fastest, most cost-effective way to launch and maintain multilingual websites. We manage the entire project for you allowing your team to stay focused on top priorities. With the proxy approach, you’ll get:

New websites translated in 60 days or less

Content updates within one business day

A Translation Memory that is constantly updated, keeping costs low

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MP Core: Translation Integrations

Our integrations make website localization seamless to manage if you prefer a hands-on approach. MotionPoint’s connectors, plugins, and API instantly link your website’s content to our professional translators. Use MotionPoint's API or any of the following:

Adobe Experience Manager

Drupal Translation Connector

WordPress WPML Plugin

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