Who is MotionPoint?

MotionPoint provides the world’s only fully turn-key solution that translates, deploys, and operate multilingual websites and other digital content, optimizing the customer experience across all channels.

We localize web and digital content for hundreds of global companies in dozens of sectors, including travel & hospitality, retail, healthcare, consumer products and government.

What are SiteAnalyzer, SmartSync, and TCM?

SiteAnalyzer and SmartSync are both names used by MotionPoint’s web crawler. Our crawler is similar to the bots used by search engines to index online content. It is designed to automatically navigate a specific site in order to find translatable content. TCM is a name used to describe MotionPoint’s automated functional and visual testing software. This software executes test scripts designed to alert MotionPoint should a functional or visual exception be encountered.

Why is MotionPoint crawling my site?

MotionPoint’s technology will crawl a website at the request of the site owner. We will first crawl a site in order to determine the amount of translatable content for price-quoting purposes.

This crawl is operated on-demand with an operator monitoring its progress. MotionPoint will also crawl our customers’ sites periodically—typically on a nightly schedule—in order to detect any content updates that should be translated.

TCM crawls also occur periodically—typically on a nightly schedule—in order to detect any functional or visual exceptions that should be investigated.

The traffic from your crawler looks like a hack/attack attempt!

Our crawler typically crawls faster than most search engine bots. It often makes page requests one at a time, with a 500ms delay between requests.

This frequency should have no impact on a website’s performance, but occasionally it is enough to draw the attention of a site operator or security monitoring software.

If you are uncomfortable with the rate at which we are crawling your site, please contact us at 954-421-0890 and we will adjust our crawler’s speed for you.


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