Will Fleming

Chief Executive Officer

A lifelong entrepreneur, Will Fleming co-founded MotionPoint in 2000. He has wide-ranging knowledge of website localization, and the value it offers companies for generating international growth. He has more than 20 years of experience building profitable growth companies and creating new domestic and international markets for technology-based services. Before founding MotionPoint, Will co-founded Convenience Products Corporation, a company he grew into a nationwide leader that helped create a market for prepaid calling and wireless products. Will earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics from Carleton College, and an MBA from the Wharton School of Business.
Will Fleming – Chief Executive Officer
Enrique Travieso – Chief Technology Officer
Mark Silverman – Chief Financial Officer
Jessica Rivera – EVP, Global Sales and Corporate Affairs
Charles Whiteman – EVP, Customer Strategy & Experience
Veronica Pastuch EVP, Translation Operations
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Enrique Travieso

Chief Technology Officer

MotionPoint co-founder Enrique Travieso is a technology visionary whose expertise includes creating scalable, secure, portable web technologies, and the architecting, building and deploying of web-based software applications. Enrique is the primary author on many of the patents for MotionPoint’s industry-leading proxy-based website translation solution. He is also a seasoned manager with experience building and leading technology teams. Previously, Enrique served as co-founder and chief architect for Objectmatter, Inc., where he led a team that designed and developed a successful family of commercial object-relational mapping tools in wide use by Fortune 500 corporations. Enrique earned a bachelor’s of science degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Miami.

Mark Silverman

Chief Financial Officer

Mark Silverman has more than 25 years of C-level CFO experience in public corporations and private companies. He has a strong track record of success in providing strategic value to organizations driving increases in shareholder value. His background includes significant experience in entrepreneurial cloud-based software companies. As MotionPoint’s CFO, Mark is responsible for all aspects of financial management, including operational management. Prior to MotionPoint, Mark served as Chief Financial Officer for JPay, an internet corrections-related service provider. Mark earned a bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Montclair State University, and is a CPA.

Jessica Rivera

Executive Vice President, Global Sales and Corporate Affairs

Jessica brings an expert understanding of global business, executive leadership, and holistic team and culture building to her role as MotionPoint’s EVP, Global Sales and Corporate Affairs. With nearly 15 years of experience collaborating with C-Suites at leading SaaS and fintech companies, Jessica has established herself as a key sales facilitator and negotiator who helps companies increase business momentum, maintain legal compliance, and streamline processes that deliver results to stakeholders more quickly. Jessica previously served as General Counsel to MotionPoint. Prior to MotionPoint, Jessica served as Chief Legal Officer and General Counsel for Velocity Solutions, a provider of marketing and SaaS-based solutions. Before that, Jessica was Vice President & Senior Counsel at Bankrate, Inc. Jessica is active in the Association of Corporate Counsel in-house community, serving the South Florida chapter as President and as a member of its Board of Directors. She earned her Juris Doctor, MBA and bachelor’s degrees from the University of Florida.

Charles Whiteman

Executive Vice President, Customer Strategy & Experience

Charles Whiteman has more than 20 years of strategy, marketing and technology experience. His expertise includes multichannel marketing, technology strategy and operations. As Executive Vice President of Customer Strategy & Experience, Charles leverages strategic insights from customers, markets and product development to generate even greater value for MotionPoint customers. Charles previously served as Executive Vice President of multichannel retailer Divers Direct, and as an Engagement Manager at the international consultancy Accenture.

Charles earned a bachelor’s degree in Economics and an MBA from the University of Michigan.

Veronica Pastuch

Executive Vice President, Translation Operations

Throughout her 15-year career leading successful multicultural teams in the website localization industry, Veronica Pastuch has directly contributed to the translation, deployment and ongoing support of more than 1,500 multilingual websites, with an absolute commitment to superior quality and customer satisfaction. A methodical, analytical professional who is passionate about business strategy, Veronica brings to the Executive Team a unique and expert understanding of the interrelation between technology, language and culture. As EVP of Translation Operations, she continues to extend her expert knowledge to MotionPoint’s global sales and product development initiatives. A lifelong learner, Veronica attended university in Buenos Aires and completed her bachelor’s degree in Sociology at Florida Atlantic University. She continually applies herself to the pursuit of knowledge in the areas of business, leadership and interpersonal relationship studies.

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