Multilingual customers demand perfectly localized transactional experiences.

Outsourcing localization duties to traditional translation vendors often generates risk for companies—especially when it comes to the significant investments they’ve made in their CX and e-commerce conversion funnels. Here’s why.


Traditional solutions don’t handle single-page applications and e-commerce experiences very well. Their inelegant workarounds make translation costs skyrocket.


E-commerce website content often changes daily, if not hourly. It’s difficult for translations to keep pace, resulting in a partially translated CX. This turns off customers.


Vendors often don’t have the technical know-how or technologies to help make multilingual sites successful with regional localizations, customized UXs and more.


To deliver the brand awareness your sales teams need in multilingual markets, you need well-researched, localized SEO. But few approaches do it well—or provide it at all.

A simple solution that resonates—and converts.

MotionPoint’s technologies and processes ensure you’re not only authentically speaking the language of your customers, but also creating an online experience that translates into sales.

RELEVANT: MotionPoint’s technology ensures that your content connects with the multilingual audiences you need to reach.

OPTIMIZED: We apply localized SEO best practices and enhance your sites’ UX to drive customers to your multilingual sites and increase transactions.

FAST: We translate and launch multilingual sites and omnichannel content in as few as 30 days. Ongoing content changes are typically translated within one business day.

MULTICHANNEL: We enable you to re-use your translations across channels—from PIMs to email campaigns, product feeds, offline documents, social media and more.

Strengthen your digital brand and drive sales.

MotionPoint’s technology leverages the code and content of your origin website, enabling us to translate, deploy and continuously operate multilingual versions for new markets.

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Thanks to MotionPoint, we were able to successfully deploy one of our biggest announcements simultaneously with our general-market site. This was a very important occasion for our team, and MotionPoint delivered terrific results on very short notice.

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