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How Websites Work

MotionPoint’s elegant technology separates the content from your origin website’s code in ways that—when combined with translation—deliver immersive, localized web experiences.

To fully understand how our turn-key proxy solution works, check out this quick primer on how your own website operates:

Websites 101

For this primer, we’ll assume your flagship website is published in English.

Customer Visit

1. Customer Visit

When customers visit your flagship website, their interactions—from the URLs they type to the links they click—send requests to your web servers.

Assembling Site

2. Assembling Site

Your system swiftly assembles web pages based on these requests, pulling content from databases, templates, third-party sources, graphics and more.

Live site

3. live site

The pages are then instantly sent via the Internet to the visitor’s device.


MotionPoint’s Proxy, Demystified

MotionPoint’s fully turn-key proxy approach supports you with a choice of translation options, rapid deployment, and the seamless management, monitoring and hosting of your multilingual sites.

Here’s a step-by-step tour of how our solution delivers translated website content to your global customers—instantly:

For this primer, we’ll assume your flagship website is published in English, and its URL is We’ll also say your translated site is in Spanish, and its URL is

When a Spanish-speaking visitor accesses your site:

Spanish Customer Visit

1. Spanish-speaking customer

The global customer’s interactions—from the URLs they type to the links they click—go to MotionPoint’s proxy technology, which acts as

Request Page

2. Page Request

MotionPoint’s proxy technology then requests the visitor’s desired page, in English, at

Receive Page

3. Receive Page

MotionPoint receives this English page, and then swaps its translatable English content with the page’s Spanish content, which was previously translated and stored in MotionPoint’s translation server.

Proxy create page

4. Proxy Creates the Page

MotionPoint merges this Spanish content with the page’s original code and structure, preserving navigation and functionality.

Live Spanish Site

5. Seamless Spanish Experience

The Spanish-speaking visitor then receives the Spanish version of the webpage. MotionPoint also optimizes your localized websites to maximize their business performance in global markets.

Live site

Instant and Immersive

This entire process happens instantly.

Enjoy comprehensive, turn-key convenience.

MotionPoint customers also benefit from ongoing hosting, development and support of the proxy solution. This includes:

24 / 7 / 365 Managed Hosting

Managed hosted solution

MotionPoint fully manages the hosting of your multilingual content. Our solution is also compatible with Content Distribution Networks in any configuration. This shifts all uptime, software patches, and installation tasks to MotionPoint. If any hosting- or performance-related issue arises, MotionPoint deals with it, not you.

24/7 Support and Escalation

24/7 Support

You have a dedicated Project Manager who oversees your daily activity and support requests during weekday business hours. You can also contact MotionPoint’s Support team 24 / 7 / 365 using our online support interface.

Customizable Notifications

Customizable notifications

Our ConvertAlert technology monitors your localized website’s key conversion flows for dramatic increases or decreases in performance. If we see your daily averages begin to dip, we quickly investigate the conversion path to determine if there’s a technical error or problem with the path’s functionality. This helps preserve, or increase, the conversion rates of your multilingual website.

Site Monitoring and Notifications

Site monitoring

Our technology regularly communicates with your localized site to ensure that it’s online and functioning properly. If we receive an error message, we immediately investigate the matter.

Software and system engineer

Software and System Engineer

MotionPoint supports all functionality of your multilingual websites—without requiring any IT effort on your end. A dedicated Software / System Engineer is assigned to your project, and oversees its day-to-day operation.

MotionPoint also optimizes your localized websites to
maximize their business performance in global markets.

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