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MotionPoint pioneered the proxy-based approach to website localization. Our fully turn-key solution creates localized websites that perfectly replicate your origin site’s user experience. Learn how it works in this short video ».

A solution optimized for speed, precision and efficiency.

Our turn-key, streamlined approach requires little—if any—effort from your IT and Marketing teams. Our translation technology enables us to quickly and accurately localize your website with:

Automated Workflows

Our translation management system, which is optimized by technology and overseen by professional human linguists, ensures the fast, accurate localization of your digital content.

Minimized IT Involvement

Integrating MotionPoint’s solution into your website can take as little as one hour of IT development time. After that, there’s no ongoing IT effort required.

Flawless User Experience

MotionPoint’s technology leverages the code of your origin website, enabling us to perfectly replicate its user experience and functionality for global markets.

Superior Content Detection

Our SiteAnalyzer and SiteSync crawlers accurately detect all translatable content on your site, including metadata, multimedia and third-party content.

Rapid Translations

Our technologies also detect when you publish new content on your origin site. Translations are typically published within one business day. No other solution reliably delivers this turnaround.


We offer several ways to localize your content for omnichannel use. You can also repurpose translated content for use in any channel, as many times as you wish, at no additional cost.

Our industry-leading content parser reduces costs.

MotionPoint’s parsing technology divides your website’s translatable content into easy-to-translate units called segments. Translated segments are stored in a translation memory database for re-use.

You Control Project Scope

Our parsing technology allows for a configurable scope of work to identify website content you wish to leave untranslated. This lowers your translation costs. You can exclude entire website sections, pages, or specific on-page elements.

Maximize Translation Value

MotionPoint charges to translate unique segments only once. This content, stored in translation memory, can be re-used thousands of times—on your website or in omnichannel content—at no additional cost.

Segment Optimization

We leverage innovative pattern-recognition capabilities to translate repetitive, dynamically-generated text segments only once. Other vendors consider this text “net new” content that must be translated every time it appears.

With MotionPoint, life is easy for IT teams.

Implementing our turn-key solution is astonishingly easy and fast. It takes no more than five hours for your IT team to implement our solution; with other approaches, the process often takes months. Here are a few ways we make it easy on your developers:

Translation Migration

If you have existing translations to incorporate into your localized website, we’ll migrate it into our system for you. This maximizes the value of your translation investment.

Hassle-Free CNAME and SSL

Our technology works seamlessly with a sub-domain, sub-directory, CCTLD or combination for your translated websites domain structure. We host a copy of your SSL on our server so your website is always under a secure protocol.

Easy Implementation

When it’s time to deploy your localized site, you’ll place a piece of MotionPoint-provided JavaScript link code on your origin website. This takes about 20 minutes to do. It creates a secure connection between your site and our solution.

Fast and Scalable

We can launch localized sites in 30 calendar days, in as many languages as you need. Most IT teams spend less than five hours of total effort to get these sites up and running.


Our technology works with all website technologies, with no integration to your back-end needed. Update, redesign or re-platform your site. MotionPoint elegantly keeps up.

You’re In Control

Your team can customize every aspect of your project, including its scope of work, translation options, number of languages and more. Be as hands-on or hands-off as you wish.

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