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Avoid These Common Mistakes with Your Website Translation Project

To succeed in global markets, you must understand your customers’ unique perspectives and buying habits.

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December 19, 2017

Craig Witt
Craig Witt

Successfully serving online customers in global markets takes more than mere translation, writes MotionPoint EVP Craig Witt in “The Marketing Insider” column at MediaPost. It also requires fluency in a market’s culture nuances.

This means using locally-relevant translations called localizations and understanding a market’s buying habits—including its preferred payment platforms, Witt wrote.

Witt provided additional insights in the article, including:

  • Understanding the importance of mobile in global markets, and translating your content for this mission-critical channel
  • Providing an authentic, fully immersive localized website experience, including translated graphics and PDFs
  • Ensuring that messaging and content are “in sync” across all global websites and languages

Read the full story at MediaPost.

Last updated on December 19, 2017

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