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E-Book: Future-Proof Your Business With A Mobile-First Mindset

Learn how skyrocketing smartphone adoption is changing organic search—and what it means for your global business.

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November 07, 2017


Smartphone and mobile-device adoption has exploded in the past decade. In response, search engines around the world are changing how they rank websites, based on how those sites display on mobile devices.

If your company doesn’t deploy mobile-first best practices on your global sites, they’ll drop from local search results—fast. That affects traffic, engagement and revenue.

You can avoid that risk by downloading our new free e-book, Mobile-First Global Consumers and Their Impact on Search.

In it, you’ll gain insights on:

  • How smartphone adoption is radically changing global Internet use
  • How search engines are changing to reflect increased usage of the mobile web
  • How to quickly adapt to the mobile-first landscape
Last updated on November 07, 2017

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