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The Competitive Advantage of MotionPoint’s Solution

Learn how to gain an edge in global markets with MotionPoint’s localization approach.

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Reagan Evans

February 20, 2019


MotionPoint’s fully turn-key localization solution provides global companies with the superior technology and expertise they need to stay ahead of the competition in international markets.

Unlike other approaches, MotionPoint offers all the resources required to build, deploy and maintain digital customer experiences and omnichannel content. This enables companies to focus solely on providing the unparalleled service in global markets that sets them apart from their competitors.

Here’s how MotionPoint can give your brand an edge in global markets.

Superior Speed-to-Market

Business moves fast, and speedy translation is critical for staying a step ahead of competitors.

Traditional website localization approaches require months of IT development and have slow translation processes, but with MotionPoint, multilingual websites are launched in as little as 30 days. Content updates are translated and published typically within one business day, keeping you ahead of your competitors with the most up-to-date messaging.

Because other vendors use underdeveloped tools and technology, they often struggle—or fail—to detect all relevant translatable content on a website. That means valuable assets such as images, web applications and content on third-party platforms remain undetected … and untranslated. This leads to unexpected costs (because this content wasn’t initially in the project’s scope) or a poor UX (because untranslated content creates a “mixed language” experience, which customers dislike).

MotionPoint, however, has content detection capabilities that automatically discover new content wherever it’s located and queue it for translation, ensuring a seamless, localized customer experience. This includes images, videos, third-party content, single-page applications and more.

Authentic, Brand-Perfect Translations

International customers can tell the difference between mediocre and terrific translations—and they usually abandon sites with poorly translated content.

Speaking to your global customers with the same authenticity as a local builds brand trust. This often generates long-term increases in traffic, engagement and conversions.

MotionPoint’s translators are fluent in the languages of your global markets, and their expertise extends to non-language aspects of those markets—such as locally-preferred words and phrases, and cultural celebrations. They can apply this knowledge to your website’s translations, delivering a world-class authenticity that competitors may lack in their own translated content … if they localize their content at all.

SEO and UX Optimizations

MotionPoint-powered websites are optimized for international SEO. They also perfectly replicate the user experience of our customers’ origin websites. This boosts the discoverability of your brand over your competitors’, and ensures customers are fully engaged during their time on-site.

International SEO Best Practices

MotionPoint’s technology detects SEO-rich website content such as metadata and structured data, page titles and descriptions, Open Graph data, Twitter cards and more. Our linguists translate this content using market-specific keywords and phrases that your international customers use when they search online for your products.

This helps your website rank higher in international search results, boosting organic traffic—and beating the competition in brand visibility and discoverability.

Language Detection Technology

MotionPoint’s EasyLink® intelligent language-detection technology analyzes inbound visitors to your origin website based on a spectrum of characteristics—such as location data and user preferences—and offers them a version of your site localized for their preferred language.

This delivers a more relevant UX, which can result in increased engagement and conversion rates, and reduced bounce rates. When these metrics are better than your competitors’, your localized site often ranks higher than theirs in search engine results.

Global Sitemap

When customers in international markets conduct searches using their local versions of Google, MotionPoint’s Global Sitemap capability ensures the right localized version of your website appears in those results.

Through implementation of hreflang tagging, your global sitemap provides a signal to the search engine that a better user experience exists for customers based on their language preference, location, or both.

This generates superior search discoverability that few competitors can implement.

Cost-Efficient Localized Omnichannel

A localized website is a great channel for serving global customers, but it isn’t the only one. There’s also content you’ve created for other channels, such as social media posts, mobile apps, emails, product feeds and more.

MotionPoint can localize these omnichannel assets by leveraging translation memory—a database that stores every translated phrase of your project—to reduce localization costs for multichannel content and preserve brand consistency across all markets and channels. We provide a web-based tool and an API to easily facilitate the delivery of this localized content.

This wealth of translated omnichannel material can keep your brand top-of-mind among international customers, and well ahead of slower in-market competitors.

Future-Proof Technology

MotionPoint’s translation solution is powered by technologies that are fully compatible with your CMS and other technologies, now and in the future. Our approach operates independently of your technology stack, enabling you to update, re-platform or redesign your website at any time.

Our solution remains fully compatible with your tech stack, whether you change your CMS, deploy a new e-commerce system or build on specialized programming languages like AngularJS. This seamless, continuous operation of your localized sites delivers a continued advantage over competitors. Many of them may be required to take their in-market sites offline, or offer a compromised UX, as they implement their major site upgrades.


MotionPoint’s approach combines industry-leading technology and world-class expertise to help your company deliver an authentically localized online and omnichannel experience, with speed and quality that other solutions can’t guarantee.

You’re empowered to dramatically stand out from your competitors, and focus on delivering world-class service to your global customers.

Last updated on February 20, 2019
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About Reagan Evans

Reagan Evans is MotionPoint’s SVP of Sales. He has a strong background in sales and data management and has nearly 10 years of executive level experience in the field. He uses his expertise in global sales, new business development, sales production, and data organization to drive MotionPoint's market expansion and new client acquisition. Evans leverages MotionPoint’s industry-leading technology to drive sales and ensure higher customer satisfaction.

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Reagan Evans

SVP, Head of Sales


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