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Educating Your E-Commerce Director About MotionPoint’s Solution

Here's what to say to your company's e-commerce leader when discussing MotionPoint's approach.

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Dominic Dithurbide

January 03, 2018


In the competitive world of e-commerce, you already understand the power that localized websites have to build brand recognition, establish credibility, boost engagement, and increase conversions.

But when it comes to choosing the right translation solution, some leaders at your company may not yet see things your way. Old thinking is surprisingly tenacious, and it’s not uncommon to experience pushback against a new approach.

In this ongoing blog series, we help you position the value of MotionPoint’s solution to various stakeholders within your company. This week, we’ll address some common questions and concerns your E-Commerce Director might have about our approach.

Answers for E-Commerce Directors

Is MotionPoint’s solution more efficient than using separate instances of our CMS?

Traditional thinking suggests that the best way to efficiently reach global customers online is to maintain separate instances of your site, in your international markets’ languages, using whatever CMS you already have. Unfortunately, your CMS’ multilingual features are undercooked, and can’t stand up to the daily rigors of website translation.

MotionPoint’s proxy-based solution is platform-agnostic. It works with any content management solution you use now and in the future. You don’t need to create or maintain separate instances of your website for global markets.

MotionPoint’s proxy-based solution is platform-agnostic. It works with every content management solution.

However, since MotionPoint’s approach gets along with your CMS, you can still operate separate instances of your site if you wish, and translate them using our approach. With MotionPoint, there’s no duplication of effort, no cost of onboarding of additional staff, and no complex translation workflow to chew up your team’s valuable time. That’s time more efficiently spent making your flagship site the best it can be.

Another factor to consider is speed to market. MotionPoint can have your localized sites up and running in as little as 30 days, with ongoing content updates published typically within one business day. Why wait up to a year every time you launch a new global site, and risk losing customers in the interim? MotionPoint’s industry-leading change detection technologies ensure that your localized sites are always translated, and in sync across all markets.

The slow turnaround times of other vendors can result in a less-than-optimal user experience, which can hurt your brand’s integrity.

Is this solution effective from an SEO perspective?

MotionPoint understands the critical importance of SERP on popular search engines like Google, Baidu, and Yandex, and adhere strictly to Google best practices when optimizing localized sites.

MotionPoint offers a suite of optimization capabilities that leverages a localized SEO glossary and special SEO-centric implementations to deliver high SERP in local markets, and the best possible on-site user experience.

We don’t just optimize the content that users see on-site, like text and images. We also translate the SEO-rich content that “hides” in structured data, metadata, and URLs. Further, our solution intelligently maps your localized website URLs and generates multiple global sitemaps. It then automatically associates each of the URLs on your primary-market website with its localized counterpart.

This helps search engines serve the proper localized URL to users in your target markets, and transfers the authority and relevance of your original URL to the localized websites.

MotionPoint localizes SEO-rich, “behind the scenes” content residing in structured data, metadata, and URLs.

Can MotionPoint provide content customization for different markets?

MotionPoint understands that global markets are unique, and must be served in ways that resonate with local customers. That includes unique messaging, promotions and perhaps even distinct product offerings.

Our translation solution offers multiple ways for you to customize content for different markets—from regionally-relevant translations called localizations to unique imagery and messaging, in-market contact information and more.

MotionPoint can implement these customizations through requests you provide us. Alternately, your own marketing managers can implement them.

How does MotionPoint track the business performance of localized sites in different markets?

MotionPoint offers a variety of analytics solutions to help you monitor how each translated site is performing. MotionPoint can track the data internally, and then provide you with stats on request. We can also help you configure Google Analytics to track the metrics that are most important to you.

This approach provides a general performance picture for each localized site. However, if you prefer more detailed results, we can guide you through the process of using Google Tag Manager to get more granular data. We’ll also provide any additional guidance along the way.


In the global marketplace, the best translation solutions seamlessly localize the entire buyer’s journey—from search to sale—without needless expense or effort.

MotionPoint delivers the benefits of accurate, culturally-sensitive translations for your global customers, while eliminating the cost and complexity of growing your team or instituting new workflows. And we’ll use our robust translation capabilities to ensure accuracy, eliminate delays and provide performance tracking you can trust.

Last updated on January 03, 2018
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