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10 Ways to Expand Your Brand’s Global Reach with Online Localization

These insightful blog posts from Q3 2019 offer best practices to enhance your international business growth.

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November 20, 2019


The business impact of offering international customers a UX in their preferred languages is often dramatically positive, but isn’t without its challenges. Finding the right vendor with the best technologies is a great first step.

To help put you on that path, check out 10 of the most valuable and informational blog posts we published on our blog during Q3 2019.

1: Infographic: Popular Business Languages for the U.S. and Europe

Is your translated website optimized to do business with multilingual customers in the U.S. and Europe? Get language-related information and actionable insights in this post.

2: Localization Tips for Marketers

Translating website and omnichannel content can generate increased customer loyalty, conversions and engagement in new markets. Discover some of the most important challenges you may encounter during a localization project—and how to avoid them—in this blog post.

3: Guide Graphic: Localization Tips for Design, IT and Development

Are all the relevant resources at your company properly educated and prepared you’re your company’s digital localization project? Check out essential tips for your IT, design and development teams in this blog post.

4: Guide Graphic: The United States as Linguistic Melting Pot

English may be the most-spoken language in the U.S., but it certainly isn’t the only one. Learn more about this country’s “linguistic melting pot,” and the thriving opportunities that exist for engaging America’s multilingual residents, in this blog post.

5: Win More Global Business on Virtual Marketplaces with Localized Websites

Third-party virtual online marketplaces are an excellent channel for serving global customers in certain markets. But operating a localized company website to support those products can help educate curious customers, and generate more international sales. Read more about it in this post.

6: Localizing Your CX Increases Conversions on Global Virtual Marketplaces

A localized user experience often enhances the buyer’s journey and helps make international customers transform into repeat customers. Learn about the benefits of a fully localized UX in this blog post.

7: The Business Impact of Translating Online Portals

A translated user experience shouldn’t stop when a prospect converts into a customer. Providing localized secure digital portals in the languages your customers prefer help create a seamless, engaging experience. It also increases conversions and reduces customer churn. Learn more here.

8: Translate Your Website and Omnichannel for a Seamless Global ‘B2B2C’ Experience

Adopting best practices from the B2C space can help increase a B2B company’s brand awareness, customer loyalty and revenue. Read more about it in this blog post.

9: Ensuring Security and Privacy with a Website Localization Vendor

In today’s digital age, you must ensure the privacy and security of your customers, no matter where they might live. Make sure your translation vendor is up to the task with these security best practices.

10: A Technical Look at MotionPoint’s Localization Solution

MotionPoint’s turn-key solution eliminates nearly all the effort your team would handle if it took on a website and omnichannel translation project. This gives your teams the freedom to focus on what really matters. Learn how in this blog post.

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