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Educating Your In-Country Marketing Managers About MotionPoint’s Solution

MotionPoint won’t replace or duplicate the efforts of your in-house or in-market teams. In fact, we maximize the value of their work—while minimizing their effort.

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Aaron Hakenson

February 05, 2018


When it comes to choosing a website translation solution, your company’s decision makers may not always have all the information they need to make the best-possible decision.

In this ongoing blog series, we help you position the value of MotionPoint’s solution to stakeholders within your company. Today, we’ll address some concerns your In-Country Marketing Managers and Localization Managers might have about our approach.

Answers for Marketing Managers

Why should I use MotionPoint when I already have an in-house or in-market team that can do what you do?

MotionPoint won’t replace or duplicate the efforts of your in-house or in-market teams. In fact, we maximize the value of their work while minimizing their effort. For instance:

  • We’ll multiply their content output across as many markets and channels (and in as many languages) as you need, making their jobs easier
  • Our efforts keep them focused on developing marketing plans and understanding customer needs, not spending time managing translation agencies and error-prone workflows
  • It requires specialized skills to produce precise, high-quality business translations. We eliminate this burden from your local teams; they may not be professional translators. This eliminates the risk of publishing subpar translations, and frees your team to focus on their primary marketing duties
  • Since website translation requires far more technical fluency than linguistic fluency, our solution eliminates the need for your local staff to make time-sucking, complicated (and pricey) technical requests to your IT team

With us handling your global sites’ translation, updates and SEO, you can spend your time on more urgent tasks. Don’t worry—your in-market teams’ hard work won’t be wasted in the transition. MotionPoint can repurpose and adapt it to different channels, too.

MotionPoint’s efforts keep your in-country marketing teams focused on developing plans and understanding customer needs.

We already have a trusted vendor that handles our localization strategy. I’m also worried it might be complicated to handle so many vendors if I bring on MotionPoint.

MotionPoint’s solution is fully customizable. If you’re committed to a vendor, you can keep it and still get the benefits of MotionPoint’s solution-including industry-leading content-detection technologies, streamlined workflows and excellent translation tools. How? Those translators can use our technology, under the guidance of our experts.

If you want to use your own in-house translation team or in-market staff, those linguists can also use MotionPoint’s software. This will streamline the process of website localization, revision and publication.

How can we be sure that the content and translation we are getting is top quality, and delivered in our brand’s voice?

Our expert linguists translate for accuracy, cultural fluency, and SEO search terms. This ensures all translated content includes the most relevant word choices for each target market. Our linguists also use a translation glossary and style guide, which you help craft, to ensure your brand’s voice and verve is meticulously recreated in many languages.

MotionPoint’s expert linguists translate for accuracy, cultural fluency, and SEO search terms.

You’ll always have the final say in our translations. You can review translated content before it goes live to ensure your company’s voice and tone are maintained. Our translation memory—a database of all your translations—provides translation consistency, too. It also ensures you’ll never pay to translate the same content twice.

MotionPoint’s solution creates a localized ‘copy’ of my flagship site. How much can I really customize each global site? Different markets demand different marketing strategies.

Our technology won’t hamstring your ability to craft custom campaigns or content for global markets. MotionPoint’s solution offers several different options for customization:

  • You can define the scope of translation—we can translate your entire flagship website, or just strategically-important sections.
  • You select any customized market-specific, regulatory, or time-sensitive content to be translated-we do the rest.
  • And if you have different offerings in each market, we can translate separate instances of your origin site for each satellite market.

How much influence will I really have over the website and the marketing actions over it?

Let’s break down our answer into two categories: your involvement, and your control.

Your involvement: You can participate in the initial and ongoing website translation process as much as you wish. Engage directly with our team to approve every nuance of word choice, translation quality and more. Or oversee only the content or website sections that are most important to you. Or leave it all up to us. It’s your call. We’re flexible.

You can always engage directly with our team to approve every nuance of word choice, translation quality and more.

Your control: You can also exert as much control over your localized site’s content and strategy as you like. You can personally craft new content for the site, or collaborate with us. You’re the boss. We’ll never get in the way of your marketing and business goals.

Transparency and accessibility: Further, MotionPoint’s proxy won’t affect your localized website’s analytics or metrics, so you’ll still be able to gauge performance in as much detail as you choose. We also offer 24/7 customer support. MotionPoint is available to answer your questions and address your needs every day of the year.

Will this increase my workload? I already have a lot of things to do. I don’t want a vendor that will only give me more work.

MotionPoint will reduce your workload, not increase it. Our fully turn-key proxy solution is designed to eliminate customer-side effort across the organization: IT, marketing, sales and more.


When you choose MotionPoint as your website translation solution, you get far more than translation. We work with you to ensure your translated content perfectly matches your company’s voice. And we apply technologies that leverage your existing workflows and content to create culturally-relevant websites that work for you. That’s a combination that’s hard to beat.

Last updated on February 05, 2018
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