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Educating Your Procurement Manager About MotionPoint’s Solution

Depth of service, attention to detail, rapid turnaround and industry-leading technology all add value to MotionPoint’s solution.

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Dominic Dithurbide

January 31, 2018


In business, it’s almost impossible to discuss any new undertaking without considering both its cost and the value it delivers.

While you understand how MotionPoint’s turn-key proxy solution can save time and expense in translating your flagship website for global customers, you might be experiencing pushback against this new approach-especially from stakeholders who oversee budgetary matters.

In this ongoing blog series, we help you position the value of MotionPoint’s solution to various stakeholders within your company. Today, we address the common questions your Procurement Manager might have about our approach.

Answers for Procurement Managers

MotionPoint’s price is too high. Our current translation agency, which localizes our offline documents, is far less expensive.

We’ve all experienced sticker shock when embarking on a new project or considering a new purchase. But it’s important to consider value as well as cost. MotionPoint’s value resides in both its flexibility, and in the depth and range of its capabilities.

Say, for example, that your organization is looking to expand into online Asian markets. Are you prepared to hire linguists, editors and proofreaders fluent in all the requisite languages and dialects to make the program a success? And if so, how will your localized sites be updated and maintained?

With MotionPoint’s powerful change-detection technology and rapid delivery of translations, your staff won’t need to spend time prowling each localized site for content changes, or using a labyrinthine and error-prone workflow to translate them.

Our solution ensures your staff won’t waste time looking for content changes, or using costly, error-prone workflows.

Plus, MotionPoint not only monitors and translates on-site text, but also translatable content in image files, videos, offline documents and metadata. We also optimize each localized site to reflect the words and phrases local users most often enter in online searches. That boosts organic traffic and engagement. When you consider expanding your internal staff to handle all of these responsibilities (and many others), the costs of in-house translation outstrip the expense of MotionPoint’s solution.

Further, traditional translation agencies can localize only a small part of what MotionPoint offers. This mean you’ll need to evaluate MotionPoint’s price versus the external costs for translation and internal costs for integration with the website—including development, content extraction, publication and technical QA.

MotionPoint’s solution delivers the greater value.

MotionPoint’s competitors have a lower cost-per-word pricing model.

Charging customers per translated word is a longstanding practice in the translation industry. And it’s easy to be dazzled by low price-per-word offers. But caveat emptor—more often than not, additional costs lurk in the shadows.

For instance, vendors that offer absurdly low price-per-word rates may inflate the costs of other services, or may charge to translate repeated on-site content multiple times. MotionPoint never charges its customers more than once to translate the same content or phrase, no matter how many times it appears on-site.

Unlike other vendors, we only charge you once to translate identical content—no matter how many times it appears on-site.

Price-per-word also doesn’t accurately reflect the quality of the product being purchased. When you consider the actual cost associated with translating the word, the quality of that translation, the turnaround time required and project management costs, you may actually be losing money by going with a traditional agency.

In contrast, MotionPoint’s per-word translation costs are all-inclusive. They reflect a multi-step editorial review, and an iterative pre-publication QA process designed to ensure that translated content displays properly on-site.

Further, our subscription fee covers the technology and support that ensures the ongoing operation of your site. This includes fully-managed hosting, 24/7 customer support, continual monitoring of your site for new content, a translation delivery of about one business day—and much more.

I don’t want multiple translation vendors. Why would I use MotionPoint to translate my website, when I use another agency for the rest of my content?

If consolidating your translation services is your goal, you can translate all of your online content with MotionPoint’s solution. And if you wish, you can keep your current translation team and grant them access to MotionPoint’s robust toolkit of technologies to efficiently localize your global sites.

Another advantage of MotionPoint’s solution: With an offline translation agency, you must still manage people and processes internally. With MotionPoint, however, your team members are able to focus on other tasks—including making your flagship website the best it can be.

If you wish, your current translation team can efficiently localize your websites using MotionPoint’s solution.


MotionPoint understands that embarking on any new challenge involves budgetary considerations. But we also know that true value is more than an attractive sticker price.

Depth of service, attention to detail, rapid turnaround and a robust toolkit of technologies all add value to MotionPoint’s solution. And that’s a bottom line you can believe in.

Last updated on January 31, 2018
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