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Gain Control and Optimization of Your Website Translation with MotionPoint

Discover a turn-key way to build a localized website that drives your global business—while giving you the control and performance you need.

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June 05, 2018


Your customers rely on your website to find information about your company—or to discover your company in the first place. And when you’re expanding into new markets, it’s worth the investment to make it available in the languages that your audiences need and want.

Doing that requires a keen balance of managing your most important localized website components and optimizing your site for your new markets. A savvy partner like MotionPoint makes it easy.

Controlling Important Levers

Building a localized, multilingual site can be a daunting prospect, but working with the right partner can help streamline the process and take the burden off your internal teams—all while giving you the editorial oversight you need.

As you build out your localized site, you’ll learn the value of the “80/20 rule” when it comes to translation. About 80% of your translated content should reflect the content of your flagship site to foster a global consistency in brand and voice. Most of your core corporate content should be available to international customers, and should stay the same from market to market.

The other 20% comes in when you want to customize content that’s specific for a market. For example, you’ll likely want to…

  • Present pricing information in local currencies
  • Show specific products that are unique to a region
  • Use locally-preferred phrase or cultural references
  • Present unique promotional offers to specific markets

MotionPoint can do that, while needing little—or more often, no—effort from your team. We equip your localized sites with our EasyLink technology, which helps seamlessly welcomes new visitors in the language they’re likely to prefer.

Our turn-key proxy translation approach also offers proven workflows and content management practices that ensure the quality and consistency of any translated content. They reduce operational and technical complexity along the way, too.

And our teams are happy to work with yours so that you have the confidence and assurance you’re in the driver’s seat for translation and content decisions all throughout your project.

Optimizing For Global Markets

Of course it’s not enough to have great translated content. You need to create a dynamic, immersive experience on your website that supports the entire customer journey and makes your international audiences feel welcome and valued.

MotionPoint’s teams can help you optimize your site for search engines, ensuring that your new prospective customers in international markets can find you, even when they’re searching in their preferred language.

Our linguists understand SEO, and our technology supports the translation of all the important “invisible” content on your site—such as metadata, sitemaps and keywords—so that both global and regional search engines can easily discover your site.

Once customers find you, you’ll want to ensure that they have the most authentic and relevant experience possible. A positive, in-language experience increases the likelihood that your new customers will stay on site, find the content they need, and ultimately, convert.

You need to create a dynamic, immersive experience on your website that supports the entire customer journey and makes your international audiences feel welcome and valued.

Our experts can help you build a multilingual site that delivers a complete, fully translated experience out of the gate. Our advanced technology will keep up with your site as it grows and changes to support your new global markets.

MotionPoint’s solution also automatically detects new content on your flagship site, queues it for translation, and publishes it typically within one single business day. If your internal teams need to tweak content for specific local flair or personality, we make it easy for them to do.


MotionPoint’s proven translation approach ensures that your valued global customers can see and feel your commitment to their markets, and that your multilingual websites perform the way you need them to.

With a smart balance of control and optimization, your business can deliver the multilingual digital experience that your global customers expect—and deserve.

Last updated on June 05, 2018
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