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December 28, 2016


As we wrap up another year here at the MotionPoint blog, we wanted to showcase one of our platform’s many key differentiators from conventional website translation providers. It’s a powerful, yet elegant proprietary technology called EasyLink® Management. We deploy this technology on sites we translate, localize and optimize, and integrate it into the sites for all new customers.

We also offer it to existing clients, whom might have joined the MotionPoint family before EasyLink was created.

But what is EasyLink, and how does it help companies become more successful in new markets at home and around the world?

EasyLink is a proprietary preference-setting technology that appears on our customers’ international websites. It seamlessly welcomes first-time visitors in the language they are most likely to speak. It also anticipates visitors’ other preferences, including appropriate country of residence and currency. It remembers these preferences for return visits, too.

EasyLink seamlessly welcomes first-time visitors in the language they are most likely to speak.

EasyLink is the most advanced technology of its kind. Other solutions lean heavily (and sometimes exclusively) on geo-location IP lookups, which often make improper assumptions about users, and deliver inaccurate results. EasyLink’s proprietary algorithm is far smarter.

Curing the Growing Pains

EasyLink addresses two common issues facing businesses that launch websites in global markets:

Inelegant Language Selection: Years ago, MotionPoint conducted usability tests to determine how visible typical “language selector” links actually were to website visitors. (Language selector links often appear in headers or footers of websites, enabling visitors to view the sites in their preferred language, if available.)

These unobtrusive links, while better than nothing, often went unnoticed by the visitors who needed them the most. MotionPoint realized there was a better way to engage customers quickly—and elegantly—to make them clearly aware that a website was available in their preferred languages. Enter Easylink.

Generating, and Maintaining, Customer Trust: We soon realized that the performance of EasyLink-enabled translated sites improved substantially—as did engagement metrics such as bounce rate, conversion rate, and average order value (AOV).

It became clear that by proactively welcoming first-time visitors to a website in their preferred language—and encouraging those visitors to use the site in that language—these consumers were far more engaged than if they simply discovered the translated site on their own. Their trust in the local-market site increased from the onset; they were more willing to engage in ways that were valuable to the brands we serve.

Before EasyLink, many consumers failed to find the right version of our clients’ websites, and were underserved as a result. But since its debut, EasyLink has generated tens of millions of dollars in value to MotionPoint clients and their customers, along with these success metrics:

  • Average increase in visits to local sites: 87%
  • Average bounce rate improvement: -14%
  • Average conversion rate improvement: 83%
  • Average order value improvement (for e-commerce sites): 18%
  • Average incremental revenue attributable to EasyLink (for e-commerce sites): 60%

EasyLink has generated tens of millions of dollars in value to MotionPoint clients and their customers.

Here are just a few recent examples of the success it’s delivered to our clients:

A Major Health & Beauty Brand

MotionPoint recently helped a major global health and beauty brand engage the U.S. Hispanic market with a Spanish-language website. After two weeks in-market to establish a statistical baseline, EasyLink was implemented. The difference in “before and after” visitor activity:

  • EasyLink was responsible for increasing Spanish site traffic by 200%
  • Engagement statistics also increased
  • The Spanish site’s bounce rate dropped by nearly 20%

Further, the shopper’s average time on-site dropped by 19%. That’s a good thing. Analysis by our Global Growth team suggests users spent less time on the site because they could easily find and purchase the products they were looking for.

A Major Automotive Brand

When a U.S.-based carmaker decided to launch a Spanish site for the U.S. Hispanic market, MotionPoint was there. And thanks to EasyLink, traffic hailing from the brand’s English desktop website rose by 123%. Traffic coming to its translated mobile site skyrocketed.

Visitor activity increased, too. Average page per visit rate grew by 25%. Bounce rate decreased 17%.

Thanks to EasyLink, traffic hailing from the brand’s English desktop website rose by 123%.

Also, after EasyLink was implemented, more visitors searched their local dealers’ inventories online, looked at more Certified Pre-Owned price quotes, and more incentives and offers. Ultimately, more folks were spending more time learning about this company’s vehicles than ever before.

Wrapping Up

EasyLink Management is one technology of many that MotionPoint uses every day to supercharge the global business performance of its customers in international markets. For more than 15 years, MotionPoint has led the multi-channel translation & localization industry with technological innovations and proprietary tools that generate immediate and sustained new market growth.

We can help your growing company generate meaningful business results around the world in 2017. Contact us to learn more.

Last updated on December 28, 2016
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