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Impactful, Relevant Translations Drive Value and Business for Online Portals

Discover how MotionPoint’s linguists—or your own team—can craft highly targeted (and effective!) messaging for customers, staff and partners.

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March 18, 2020


To create authentic—and sustainable—engagement with your multilingual or international constituents, your secure online portal sites should feature localizations and customizations.

Localizations and customizations are special translated phrases and content elements that are crafted exclusively for multilingual customers’ unique needs. These specialized translations often generate more engagement and conversions.

They’re especially important for secure portals, however, because they build credibility among portal users, which is critical for:

  • Customer service and support
  • Employee training and HR
  • Partnerships with local service providers, distributors and resellers

MotionPoint’s fully turn-key portal translation solution tackles the technical challenges associated with implementing this highly targeted messaging. We also enable customers to craft this special content on their own, if they wish.

Read on to learn more about our unique approach.

Localization: Local Market Fluency

As you know, conventional translation is the converting of one word or concept into its equivalent in another language. The translations are understandable by anyone who speaks the language.

However, localizations represent a more nuanced approach to translation because they reflect the unique personality and culture of a market. Here, savvy linguists use locally preferred phrases, cultural references and other regionalisms. This resulting content feels like it was written by a local.

The ability to “speak like a native” can mean the difference between wooing multilingual customers and confusing them (or alienating them altogether) with tone-deaf or inaccurate translations.

Localizations create persuasive customer experiences that:

  • Increase engagement and time on-site
  • Generate trust and credibility, which improves upsell and cross-sell opportunities
  • Ensures accurate customer support content (using locally preferred terminology)

MotionPoint excels at this sort of translation. While adhering to our customers’ localized glossaries and style guides, our linguists smartly adapt word choices to resonate in specific markets.

These nuanced translations can be applied to any on-site content, such as text found in JavaScript-powered web applications and in dynamic content.

MotionPoint also enables your team members to craft and publish these localizations, if they wish.

Our translation tool LiveEdit grants customers direct access to their online portal’s translated content, and offers ways to change any previously translated phrases to different verbiage in real-time, if desired.

Customization: Unique Content for Local Campaigns

Customizations are different from localizations. They involve changing more significant elements of your translated portal to accommodate regional needs. These changes can range from:

  • Publishing market-specific promotions
  • Highlighting particular product lines
  • Highlighting specific categories of products (to accommodate for seasonality)
  • And more

MotionPoint’s solution can customize these elements for your translated portal, too. We work with your Marketing and creative teams to ensure your customized content is aligned with regional business goals, and that any customized imagery or multimedia is visually consistent with existing assets.

As with localizations, MotionPoint can apply customizations to any on-site text, including dynamic and web app content. This unique content can be displayed dynamically, depending on the geographic location of the portal visitor or other criteria.

Your teams can create and manage this content, too, using our Market Manager technology. This capability is especially useful for international sales and marketing teams that want more creative control over the translations that serve their markets.

Market Manager enables MotionPoint customers to replace previously translated content with impactful local-friendly campaigns. Market Manager delivers value for in-market resources, including:

  • Creating custom campaigns for multilingual sites
  • Target campaign audiences by geolocation
  • Dashboard for managing campaigns
  • And more

MotionPoint’s Process Expertise

MotionPoint’s translation processes also optimize the quality of our localizations and customizations. Here’s how.

A dedicated team: MotionPoint provides its customers with a dedicated translation team, assigned to their project from day one. These linguists localize your secure portal, day in and out. They’re on call for urgent tasks, too.

Translator qualifications: MotionPoint linguists and editors are rigorously vetted; less than 6% of applicants pass our linguistic requirements, and even fewer are hired. They are native speakers of the languages in which they’re translating, and experts in your industry and its terminology.


Translating online portals for buyers, business partners and employees creates an end-to-end CX that boosts trust and revenue in multilingual markets. Leveraging nuanced translated content such as localizations and customizations maximizes the business impact of these experiences.

MotionPoint’s portal localization solution empowers you to serve multilingual customers and partners the right way: with a truly resonant, translated experience that keeps them educated, engaged and invested in your products and services.

Last updated on March 18, 2020
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Reagan Evans

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