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Is Your Customer’s Journey Properly Localized for Global Markets?

Using MotionPoint's solution to present relevant, persuasive experiences in customers’ preferred languages can help convert your international customers.

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Aaron Hakenson

July 19, 2018


If you want international customers to have a superior user experience on your website, you should translate it into their preferred languages. This includes every step of the customer journey, from early education stages to conversion funnels.

Doing so creates a seamless and fully immersive customer experience. The alternative—a partially-translated website—is often a big turn-off for global customers. It also makes your website and brand appear amateurish, or not fully committed to the market.

The Problem

A fully localized experience can be challenging for companies to achieve. That’s because websites have unique characteristics that are difficult for many companies and vendors to localize. They include:

Use of Third-Party Platforms

Content found in third-party e-commerce, booking and other platforms is almost always stored outside a company’s website system. That means traditional website translation services can’t detect that content.

Use of Different Coding Systems

Websites are commonly constructed by using multiple coding systems, many of which—including JavaScript and JSON—go undetected by most translation solutions. That leads to gaps in on-site translated content.

Cross-Departmental Decision-Making

Individual sections of large corporate websites are sometimes controlled by different corporate divisions or subsidiaries. The differences in decision making, management and cross-departmental communication can make sitewide coordination difficult.

Third-Party Management

Outside agencies may also control certain content sections or operational aspects of the website. Much like internal cross-departmental coordination, clear communication might be a challenge here, too.

Security Compliance Requirements

The need for strict security can make it risky to turn to third-party solutions, especially when customers’ personal data is involved.

The Solution

MotionPoint’s fully turn-key proxy-based website translation services makes seamless in-language customer journeys possible. We do it with:

An Elegant Proxy

MotionPoint’s proxy translation solution is turn-key, and eliminates nearly all the tasks required to implement and operate multilingual websites. This includes:

  • Configuration
  • Hosting and upgrades
  • Ongoing maintenance
  • Translation and editorial review
  • QA and publication of content
  • And more

This means that no matter how many people work on your website, there’s no coordination required to get your multilingual websites deployed or maintained.

Technology-Agnostic Approach

MotionPoint’s technology works independently of your website’s architecture, and is even fully compatible with content elements not hosted on your servers. It also supports all underlying code and technology, including AngularJS, JSON, AJAX, product information management systems and more.

Airtight Security Compliance

MotionPoint has a core set of security practices that address all the key concerns expressed by our customers. These practices inform the creation and oversight of our infrastructure, how we handle your data and your customers’ data, how we support key compliance and regulation practices—and how we develop our technology.


If your website doesn’t support the entire customer journey for global users in their preferred languages, ask yourself why it doesn’t … and ask MotionPoint how our technology solution can make it possible.

Last updated on July 19, 2018
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Aaron Hakenson is responsible for all sales and go-to-market operations at MotionPoint. His 15 years of leadership in the translation industry drive MotionPoint’s Sales and Marketing philosophies. Aaron maintains a robust track record of implementing and developing strategies to accelerate revenue growth and customer satisfaction.

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Aaron Hakenson

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