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JetBlue Sees ‘Significant’ Revenue Increase Using MotionPoint’s Solution

Since last summer, the airline—which has been a MotionPoint client since 2008—has seen sizable increases in revenue and traffic generated through its Spanish-language mobile website.

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October 14, 2015


JetBlue has seen sizable increases in revenue and traffic to its Spanish-language mobile website, thanks to translation and optimization efforts by MotionPoint, a story in Fort Lauderdale’s Sun Sentinel reports.

According to the story, overall revenue from JetBlue’s Spanish mobile site has increased by more than 300% since its debut last year. JetBlue has been a MotionPoint client since 2008.

“We’re definitely seeing a significant increase in revenue,” said Maryssa Miller, JetBlue’s head of digital commerce.

Last year, JetBlue realized that many of its U.S. Hispanic customers were using smartphones to research flights and book trips. MotionPoint leveraged translations from JetBlue’s Spanish desktop website to easily launch a mobile version.

But MotionPoint’s involvement didn’t end there. “We’re optimizing these websites, not just translating them,” said Charles Whiteman, MotionPoint’s SVP of Client Services. “We’re really expanding our customers’ footprints in markets where it’s really important to them.”

Read the full Sun Sentinel story here.

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Last updated on October 14, 2015

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