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MotionPoint and JetBlue Partnership Soars in Spotlight

As the airline expanded into Latin America, MotionPoint provided translated websites and mobile experiences, DMN reports.

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February 01, 2017


MotionPoint’s successful eight-year partnership with JetBlue was recently featured extensively in DMN.

The article, featuring an interview with JetBlue’s head of digital commerce Maryssa Miller, reveals how MotionPoint helps the airline serve Spanish-speaking travelers. This provided particularly valuable when JetBlue recently expanded its service to the Caribbean and Latin American markets.

“It’s a very valuable resource,” Miller said of MotionPoint, “and an extension of the team.”

JetBlue originally engaged MotionPoint to translate, optimize and operate a Spanish-language website to serve U.S. Hispanics. When it became clear the airline couldn’t translate about 8,000 pages of online content (to say nothing of keeping that content updated), it began working with MotionPoint.

Since then, MotionPoint has helped JetBlue launch and maintain a Spanish-language mobile site, which has generated spectacular results. It led to “a huge increase” in conversions, the story said. A mere six weeks after its debut, revenue from Spanish mobile users had more than tripled.

Learn more about JetBlue’s success, and how MotionPoint’s platform works, by reading the full story at DMN.

Last updated on February 01, 2017

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