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Reagan Evans

March 12, 2018


These are interesting days for the hospitality and travel industries. The Internet has created new, robust revenue streams—especially from international customers.

But the expectations of those customers are also changing. They’re no longer satisfied with transacting in English or other languages that they’re not fluent in. They want to book online in their preferred languages, and enjoy the same world-class user experience you provide customers in your flagship market.

Ensuring that this UX—from your online content to the functionality of your booking engine—is translated and presented to your global customers in real-time is an important investment in the growth of your business.

Here’s why MotionPoint is the translation partner that can help you get that done.

Scalable and Efficient

MotionPoint’s proxy-based website translation technology was built with the express purpose of minimizing operational complexity for our customers. That includes eliminating the demands on your development and IT teams.

MotionPoint’s solution was built with the express purpose of minimizing operational complexity for our customers.

Our solution handles all of the content tagging and segmentation for your site—making the right content, from text to multimedia and more, is correctly flagged for translation. We store your translated content in a special translation memory database to ensure it’s available for future use online, or in other channels. Our change detection technology even notes when you’ve added new content to your site and automatically queues that content for translation. That means you never have to notify us when you update your site. You don’t need to involve your technology teams, either.

Plus, our teams deploy, monitor, and maintain your multilingual sites on an ongoing basis, in as many languages as you need/ We ensure everything works as it should, at all times, leaving your technology teams to focus on other projects.


No matter what content-management solution you’re using for your website, MotionPoint’s platform-agnostic approach can easily handle it. Our approach translates your content and leverages best practices in website optimization, technology integration, and secure development and management.

No matter what CMS, platform or booking engine your website uses, MotionPoint seamlessly supports it.

Since MotionPoint functions independently of your back-end systems, you can also re-platform or redesign your website with ease. Your localized sites will adapt to those changes. We quickly translate any new content, too.

We can use machine translations, human translations—or both—to ensure the most authentic and contextually relevant translations possible. And we’ll collaborate to estimate your site’s growth, to determine what you’ll need to stay ahead of the global website game in the future.


If you’ve built a complex, dynamic website for your global travel and hospitality business, understand that most translation approaches require you to constantly export, tag, translate, re-integrate and adjust content to suit individual localized instances of your website.

This workload is brutal, error-prone and expensive, not to mention a heavy burden on your internal teams.

Traditional website translation is error-prone and expensive—and burdens your internal teams.

With MotionPoint, we handle all the content on your site, whether it’s dynamic content served up through a third-party application, or the templated content from your booking engines and reservation systems.

For ultimate flexibility, MotionPoint also offers a REST-based API to feed translated content to your booking engine or site, or leverage it for omnichannel content like email, social media, and offline documents.

And because our technology works at the HTML-, CSS-, and JavaScript level, communicating via HTTP/HTTPS, it works effortlessly with any other technology in your digital arsenal.


When you work with MotionPoint, you’ll never have to settle for a “guesstimate” that approximates the scope of your translation project based on something as blunt as an estimated overall word count.

MotionPoint instead deploys purpose-built crawlers and algorithms that quickly and accurately evaluate the scope of the content on your site. At the very start, we’ll work with you to determine whether all content on the site needs to be included in the translation process, or we can exclude any URLs or related paths that don’t need translation.

We deploy purpose-built technology that quickly and accurately evaluates the scope of your website’s translatable content.

Our expert team then deploys crawlers to scan the content for translatable segments—and identify content that’s duplicated in multiple places—resulting in an estimate that is far more accurate than traditional approaches.

And because MotionPoint’s methodology and pricing isn’t based on translation volume, we won’t inflate the word count or look for extra areas to translate simply to increase your costs. We can focus on doing the best translation for the content that needs it most, and determine the most efficient way to get it done.

Last updated on March 12, 2018
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Reagan Evans is MotionPoint’s SVP of Sales. He has a strong background in sales and data management and has nearly 10 years of executive level experience in the field. He uses his expertise in global sales, new business development, sales production, and data organization to drive MotionPoint's market expansion and new client acquisition. Evans leverages MotionPoint’s industry-leading technology to drive sales and ensure higher customer satisfaction.

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Reagan Evans

SVP, Head of Sales


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