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Optimizations are Key for Global Site Success, MotionPoint SVP tells Multichannel Merchant

Translation alone can’t guarantee a global site’s success, writes a MotionPoint executive. For a site to resonate with customers, follow these best practices.

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October 15, 2015


More and more companies are increasing their growth, and revenue, by expanding into global markets. And creating online experiences for these markets—in their languages of choice—is good business, writes Charles Whiteman in a recent post at Multichannel Merchant.

But Whiteman, MotionPoint’s SVP of Client Services, warned that translation alone can’t guarantee a global site’s success. He shared several best practices to optimize the performance of a localized site. The goal: For the site to authentically resonate with its new customers, and make it easy for companies to serve them.

Indeed, after careful years-long analysis, MotionPoint has determined that only about one-third of a localized site’s value comes from translation. The remaining two-thirds hails from other localizations and optimizations, Whiteman wrote.

Read more at Multichannel Merchant.

Last updated on October 15, 2015

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