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Top 10 Website Localization Technologies of 2023

From proxies to plugins, get the best website localization solution for your business.

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September 21, 2023


If you want to expand your business to new markets, domestic or international, the easiest first step in the process is website translation and localization. You can reach new audiences just by speaking their language and creating multilingual content. But chances are you will not be able to handle this project internally. 

Whether the costs are too high or translation is not a core competency of your company, you should seek help from a professional website localization company. The right website localization service will provide the perfect level of quality for your needs as well as multiple options for technology. We’re here to bring you the best website localization technologies of 2023 and help you make the right decision for your brand. 

Options for Translation Technology 


Proxy translation technology operates as an intermediary between the user and the original website. When a user accesses a translated version of a website, the localization proxy fetches the original content and displays the previously translated content on-the-fly. This means the written content is separated from the code of your website, allowing for real-time translation display without modifying the core site structure. 

Connectors and APIs: 

Connectors and APIs are tools that can be integrated into various tech stacks, including content management systems. They bridge the gap between the translation service and the original content platform, allowing for seamless translation processes. Connectors, in particular, can be off-the-shelf or tailor-made to empower content management systems with multilingual capabilities. 


Plugins are software components that add specific translation capabilities to an existing computer program, such as a web content management system. They are often compatible with popular web content management platforms and facilitate easy website translation without the need for extensive technical knowledge. For instance, many companies will offer plugins for WordPress websites or other CMSs. 

AI Translation: 

AI (Artificial Intelligence) translation involves using machine learning algorithms to translate website content. This can be a part of systems like translation proxy technology, CMS, or API translation systems. The advantage of AI translation is its speed and efficiency. However, for optimal quality, it’s often used in combination with human oversight to ensure linguistic and cultural accuracy. 

Benefits of Website Localization 

Using the best website translation and localization service is paramount for businesses aiming to reach a global audience. Take a look at just some of the benefits of website localization solution for your business. 

Linguistic and Cultural Appropriateness: Quality website translation ensures that content is not only linguistically accurate but also culturally relevant. It considers vocabulary, grammar, punctuation, style, and the level of speech to resonate with the target audience. 

Reach a Broader Audience: Statistics show that only 20% of people worldwide can speak and read English. By translating your website, you’re potentially tapping into the remaining 80% of the global population. 

Enhanced SEO: Website localization can significantly benefit SEO. Localized content can boost traffic, increase sales, and enhance outreach to different linguistic markets. 

In summary, leveraging top-tier website translation and localization services is crucial for businesses looking to make genuine connections with international audiences, expand their reach, and enhance their online presence. 

The Best Website Localization Technology 

In today’s increasingly global digital landscape, it’s essential for businesses to ensure their websites speak to diverse audiences. Here’s a look at the top 10 website localization technologies of 2023: 

1. MotionPoint 

Recognized as the #1 website translation service, MotionPoint has set the benchmark for assisting businesses in reaching out to new markets and expanding globally. With many options for localization technology, you will find what your business needs here. We also handle translation management and boast Beyond Word Services, meaning we are available for customer support 24/7/365.  

Reduce the role of your marketing and IT teams in website translation. MP Core’s Proxy Translation identifies updates on your English site and allocates them for translation. It auto-publishes these high-quality translations, preserving the appearance of your original site. Generally, this takes a business day or even less. 

2. RWS 

RWS stands at the forefront of global content transformation, combining translation, localization, and AI-driven technologies with the touch of human specialists. They assist their clients in expanding their reach by making sure their message resonates universally in every language. 

3. Smartling 

Tailored for comprehensive localization, Smartling offers robust solutions that have gained industry recognition. They use AI to help businesses automate, manage, and professionally translate content. 


Translations’ GlobalLink OneLink technology can be leveraged as a cloud-based or on-premise tool to reduce the burden of project management and nearly eliminate the need for IT involvement. 

5. Lokalise 

Lokalise is where “localization meets AI”. They claim to enhance your content using AI’s intelligence and provide translations attuned to context in an instant. You can work together with your team in one unified space, set up and delegate tasks, monitor advancements, and manage your website localization project completely. 

6. WeGlot 

A leading tool to facilitate effective localization strategies, WeGlot helps businesses adapt their digital presence to resonate with global audiences. They claim to provide everything you need to translate, deploy, and manage your multilingual website with full editing control. 

7. LocalizeJS 

Localize is a no-code translation integration solution, helping businesses translate their web app, UI, website, help docs, emails, and more. They are a good option for non-technical users who want a straightforward and intuitive website localization solution. 

8. Bablic 

Bablic by Unbabel is also a no-code translation integration solution. They allow you to choose from machine translation, internal translators, or one of their own expert human translators.  

9. Crowdin 

Crowdin is a cloud-based solution that streamlines localization management for your team. You get the option to Work exclusively with an agency you trust, find a vendor on Crowdin, or combine translations from different teams. 

10. WordPress Plugins 

WordPress, being a giant in the CMS space, offers a plethora of plugins that facilitate website localization, making it a versatile choice for businesses of all scales. If you’re running a WordPress website, this option will be seamless. There is no code required and you can order from vetted professional translators directly inside your dashboard. 

Get the Best Website Localization Technology 

Ensuring your website caters to diverse linguistic and cultural audiences is paramount in this global age. These top technologies make that task more streamlined and effective. Whether you need a small website translated or need to reach a multilingual audience through marketing content, ads, video, and a 100,000-word website, MotionPoint has the solution to fit your needs. 

You can get more translations for less with MotionPoint. For a limited time you can translate your website with no set up fees, no initial conversion fees, and no code! That comes to nearly $10,000 in savings. Don’t miss out on this exclusive offer, get started today.

Last updated on September 21, 2023
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