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MotionPoint’s dedicated teams and 24/7 support help ensure an excellent CX for your global customers.

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June 05, 2019


MotionPoint’s customer service model is optimized to quickly solve problems and keep our customer’s sites—and businesses—running smoothly. Dedicated 24/7/365 teams continuously monitor our support platform for incoming requests, and are also available via phone or email anytime.

The MotionPortal® Advantage

Our proprietary MotionPortal support tool is a user-friendly, web-based portal for sending support tickets directly and instantly to our in-house teams.

Team members continuously monitor MotionPortal and respond to high-priority tickets within 60 minutes or less. If your issue is critical—something that’s directly and significantly impacting your business—you’ll have 24/7/365 help within 30 minutes or less.

You’ll always be able to see the status of your request and any relevant updates within the portal in real-time, anytime. For critical tickets, we send you updates as we continue to solve the problem.

Dedicated Teams

Every MotionPoint customer has a dedicated Translation Account Manager who is responsible for ensuring the linguistic integrity of the localized website. They’ll make sure the tone and voice of your site adheres to your company’s localized glossaries and style guidelines. They also oversee the localization of any new content that goes up on your site.

MotionPoint customers also have dedicated Web Engineers who ensure the technical integrity of their localized websites.

You’ll always have a clear communication path with your team to escalate requests and get the answers you need.

A Focus on Specialization

Our MotionPoint support teams have a diverse array of skill sets so you always have a wide range of experts ensuring your project’s success. Some team members are experts in smaller, more nimble projects. Others have deep knowledge about document translation, technical implementation or specific regional cultures.

Together, our support team has over 65 years of combined support experience. You’ll always have access to the right expert at the right time.

Immediate Translations via TranSend®

A complementary capability found within MotionPortal, our TranSend solution is a simple and effective way to localize new content for omnichannel use. It leverages your translation memory—a database of your project’s previously translated content—to dramatically reduce ongoing translation costs.

Simply submit new content directly through TranSend, and the tool will automatically scan it for any previously translated words and phrases in your database. Existing content will be translated automatically, at no charge. If there’s new material to translate, TranSend will give you the option to send it on to MotionPoint translators.

Once you approve the translation request, our teams will return your newly translated content typically within one business day.


With MotionPoint’s world-class support model, you don’t need to spend valuable time, energy and team bandwidth solving complex translation technical issues, doing in-house translation, and trying to find specialists to address niche issues. You have a team of world-class experts ready to help.

Last updated on June 05, 2019
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