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The ‘101’ Series: The Need-To-Know About Website Translation Technologies

Choosing the right localization solution means finding vendors that are maestros in online technologies and turn-key processes.

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February 27, 2018


The true challenges of website translation aren’t found in the complexities of language. They lurk within the sophisticated technologies used to power CMSs, applications and websites.

Choosing the right localization solution means finding vendors that are maestros in online technologies and turn-key processes. Learn how technology plays such a crucial role in web translation in these 10 posts:

What’s Missing from Your Martech Stack? Website Translation

Technology solutions have revolutionized digital marketing, especially because they don’t require companies to add staff, or invent and maintain complicated workflows. Learn why website translation should be handled in the same way in this post.

Is a Traditional Agency Good Enough for Your Website Translation Project?

It’s time to evaluate your current translation agency. Is it meeting your web translation needs? Is its outdated thinking, business models or technologies preventing you from meeting global customers’ expectations? Find answers in this post.

Mastering the Technologies of Website Translation

What sorts of technologies will you need to be at least aware of to effectively manage your translated website? Find out how each essential element performs, and how to select the right solution for your company in this post.

Is a Multilingual CMS Enough for Effective Global Expansion?

CMS platforms often tout robust multilingual features, but their capabilities and connector plugins fail under the rigors of daily web translation. Learn how to avoid the problems they create in this post.

Ask the Right Questions During Re-Platforming and Translation Projects

You don’t have to wait until your re-platforming project is complete to put a website translation solution in place. With the right vendor, you can localize your site just before—or even during—a re-platform. Learn how in this post, and dive deeper with this post.

Great Website Translation Doesn’t Have to Break Your Budget

Controlling the scope of your website translation project may be necessary for budgetary reasons. Learn how to identify which website sections are essential for immediate translation—and how to get the most from your vendor—in this post.

Website Translation and the Ease and Benefits of the Proxy Approach

Most web translation approaches heap extra expense and effort onto your in-house teams. But the proxy-based approach makes your translation project practically effortless. Learn how it eliminates challenges in this post.

Meet MotionPoint’s Superior Content-Parsing Algorithm for Website Translation

There are ways that translation technology can dramatically reduce translation-related inefficiencies, saving you time and money. Learn how MotionPoint streamlines the process in industry-leading ways in this post.

How MotionPoint Works with Every Technology, Language and Vendor

Web translation approaches can create lock-in with your current CMS, or prevent you from easily upgrading your platform. But MotionPoint’s solution effortlessly gets along with all website technologies—including yours. Learn more in this post.

Last updated on February 27, 2018
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