A superior, flexible way to help optimize your user experience.

Our industry-leading proxy-based translation solution is an affordable, scalable—and practically effortless—alternative to less sophisticated legacy approaches.

Complete technology independence.

MotionPoint’s solution isn’t a complicated IT integration or buggy CMS connector. It operates separately from your CMS and other technologies. This approach delivers world-class speed-to-market, uptime, functionality and translation quality.

Effortless and Scalable

We eliminate the need to build separate websites by leveraging your site’s structured code to dynamically present translated content to global users.

Industry-Leading Speed

MotionPoint can localize and deploy your site in as little as 30 days. Afterward, we automatically detect website updates and typically translate them within one business day.

A Comprehensive Solution

MotionPoint’s proxy can translate a wide range of media types, from standard text to graphics, multimedia, applications and third-party content feeds.

Keep your translation costs in check.

Most vendors use pricing models and workflows that are deliberately designed to increase your translation spend. But MotionPoint’s customer-centric approach minimizes costs throughout your project.

Legacy Translation Approaches

Hidden charges for proofreading and editing

Incremental and continual costs for re-translating identical content over and over

Inefficient, manual detection of new content

Translation deliveries takes days or even weeks

Increased personnel costs for IT development and site management

MotionPoint’s Superior Approach

All-inclusive per-word translation pricing; no hidden fees

Translated content is repurposed throughout site and omnichannel at no cost

Automatic detection of website updates

Translation turnaround of about one business day, thanks to optimized workflows

Ongoing operation, hosting, updates and more included in flat monthly subscription

A hands-free approach to website translation.

Our fully turn-key solution also handles all of the “under the hood” complexities that other approaches miss. This eliminates technical and creative burdens from your Marketing and IT teams.


MotionPoint automatically detects your website updates for localization. Our linguists translate, edit and deploy updates within one business day.

Site Operation

MotionPoint’s subscription pricing includes ongoing full operation of your translated websites, including installation, uptime monitoring, software updates and patches.

Project Management

Your content receives a dedicated team of experienced linguists and technologists who oversee every aspect of your project, from start to finish.

Keyflow Monitoring

MotionPoint’s smart technology monitors your localized website’s keyflows for any functionality issues. Our engineers can correct them, or we can notify your team.


Your site’s code and content can be customized for specific markets, to display local payment options, support information, regional holidays, promotions and more.

Search Engine Optimization

We leverage highly relevant localized keywords, implement localized sitemaps and use hfreflang to boost site discoverability in regional search.

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