Bad localization can sink a brand’s reputation, fast.

Most approaches to web and digital content translation are underdeveloped, and can erode confidence in your brand. Lousy translations and compromised on-site experiences can send multilingual customers packing, usually never to return. Here’s why:

Translation Accuracy

Customers expect you to speak their language and present culturally-relevant content. They also expect accurately translated financial information. Neglecting these needs compromises trust.


Localized SEO can grow brand awareness and help multilingual sales teams. But few approaches do that well—or provide it at all.


Your brand exists beyond your website, in secure customer portals and omnichannel content. But most translation solutions struggle with multichannel—and outright fail to accurately localize portal content.


Undercooked website translation solutions surrender your control of the user experience, and the impression you leave with global customers. That’s an unacceptable risk for any brand.

Effortlessly engage multilingual customers. Maintain creative control.

MotionPoint makes it easy to expand your online business—and your reach to audiences in multilingual markets—without the headaches and heavy workload.

Resonant CX: Our technology enables brand managers in multilingual markets to craft market-specific messaging, promotions and more.

ACCURACY: Our linguists meticulously translate your online and multilingual content, preserving its brand integrity—and ensuring accuracy for regulatory compliance.

Authentic: Our turn-key approach accurately and authentically translates all online and multichannel content, helping your company’s offerings resonate with multilingual customers.

Multichannel-Ready: Our solution also localizes content for use in social channels, mobile apps, offline documents and much more.

Delight customers with a superior localized CX.

MotionPoint’s technology leverages the code and content of your origin website to build translated versions for multilingual markets. This preserves your site’s look and feel, and delivers accurate, on-brand translations for all your customers.

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Case Study: Top American Banks

Six of the Top 10 U.S. banks use MotionPoint’s solution.

MotionPoint offers financial institutions an effortless, secure way to localize all lines of business for their linguistically diverse clientele. It’s why more than half of the U.S. Top 10 banks use our turn-key approach.

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MotionPoint’s turnaround on translation is excellent. We consider this a true partnership where our team can brainstorm solutions and MotionPoint converts those ideas into action right away. The business is thrilled.

VP at a leading

U.S. financial organization


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