Translating digital content can be inefficient and expensive.

Historically, translating web and digital content has been complex and labor-intensive for IT and marketing teams. Costs often skyrocket when organizations lack the internal expertise and processes to cope with these, and other, challenges:

Self-Serving Vendors

Most translation vendors maximize your translation spend, not reduce it. What starts as a low-cost option often results in sticker shock.

Regulatory Challenges

Some translation vendors can’t accurately localize medical terms, and most overlook vital on-page content to translate. These mistakes can violate local laws and regulations.

Unseen Costs

Most vendors’ technologies can’t provide accurate project scopes … which leads to unexpected translation costs when more content is discovered down the road.

Overwhelming Complexity

Translating websites is hard, and localizing complex secure portals for patients and staff is even harder. Most internal teams and vendors are outclassed by the tasks and workload.

A solution optimized for speed and savings.

MotionPoint makes it easy to expand your online business—and your reach to audiences in multilingual markets—without the headaches and heavy workload.

Speed To Market: We translate, launch and operate localized sites in as little as 30 days, getting your multilingual digital presence up and running quickly.

Optimized: We increase traffic, user engagement and conversion rates by automatically applying international SEO best practices and enhancing the customer experience.

Affordable: Compared to other vendors, MotionPoint delivers translation savings of at least 20%. We cost at least three times less than in-house approaches, our customers say.

Effortless: Only our solution is fully turn-key at launch and ongoing. We provide all personnel, processes and technology. Content is translated in one business day.

Built to save you time, effort and money.

MotionPoint’s technology leverages the code and content of your origin website, enabling us to translate, deploy and continuously operate multilingual versions for new markets. We localize omnichannel and offline content, too.

Discover what we do—and how we’re different

Case Study: Top Health Insurers

Helping brands reach new markets, fast.

MotionPoint helps most of America’s Top 10 insurance providers engage underserved Spanish-speaking customers online. Our efficient, HIPAA-compliant solution delivers seamless customer experiences that educate—and convert.

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MotionPoint’s technology differentiates it from pure translation companies, and is a key part of the value it brings to the table.

David Nix

Chief Knowledge Officer, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance


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