First impressions can make or break your brand.

It’s critical to meticulously replicate your company’s customer experience as you expand into new markets. Inaccurate messaging and an incomplete UX can confuse and irritate customers. A few of the challenges include:

Translation Accuracy

Customers expect you to speak their language and present culturally-relevant content. They also expect accurately translated medical information. Neglecting these needs compromises trust.

Management Risks

Using traditional vendors or in-house staff for website translation is expensive and inefficient. This increases the risks of brand damage and inconsistencies that can be hard to undo.

Missing Portals & Multichannel

Your brand exists beyond your website, in secure customer portals and omnichannel content. But most translation solutions struggle with multichannel, and outright fail to accurately localize portal content.

Loss of Control

Undercooked website translation solutions surrender your control of the user experience—and the impression you leave with global customers. That’s an unacceptable risk for any brand.

Easily unify your CX across all markets.

MotionPoint makes it easy to expand your online business—and your reach to audiences in multilingual markets—without the headaches and heavy workload.

Resonant CX: Our technology enables your brand managers in every region to easily craft market-specific messaging, promotions and more.

Brand Consistency: Trust our superior technologies and translators to authentically represent your brand. Or you can use your own translators. We’re flexible.

Authentic: Our linguists can localize content using locally-preferred phrases that resonate within specific regional or international markets. This helps increase engagement and conversions.

Multichannel-Ready: Our turn-key approach also handles multichannel and mobile app content, empowering you to serve customers in their preferred channels.

Delight customers with a superior digital experience.

MotionPoint’s technology leverages the code and content of your origin website, enabling us to translate, deploy and continuously operate multilingual versions that resonate across all markets.

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Case Study: VITAS Healthcare

A translation solution with a human touch.

VITAS Healthcare searched for a website translation solution that would free its marketing team from time-consuming work. It also needed world-class translations.

The translations are not only timely and accurate, they’re also culturally sensitive,” says Jeff Stewart, an Assistant Vice President at VITAS.

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We’ll easily be able to scale with MotionPoint. The solution enables us to process funding applications in multiple languages quickly, consistently, cost-effectively and with high quality.

Jeff Stewart

Assistant Vice President, Digital Communications, VITAS Healthcare


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