Breaking into new markets can sometimes break the bank.

Web and digital content translation is complicated and—in the hands of the wrong vendor—prohibitively expensive. Why? Most approaches demand an enormous amount of work from your teams. Companies also often face issues like:


Localizing websites and omnichannel content demands continual management and technical effort from lots of siloed stakeholders.


Managing translated content creates an immediate and ongoing need for new workflows, technologies and resources.


Translation of technical content and medical terminology requires both linguistic and industry expertise to meet regulatory standards.


Localization and hosting solutions must comply with privacy standards, such as HIPAA, to protect sensitive customer data.

A user-friendly solution that gives you control.

MotionPoint puts you in ultimate control of translating your web and digital content, while providing proven and world-class workflows, processes and teams.

Elegant: Our turn-key approach handles all translatable online and multichannel content. It removes the in-house burdens associated with managing your multilingual sites.

Excellent Translations: Best-in-class linguists accurately and authentically translate all online and multichannel content, preserving your brand’s integrity and personality.

Portal-Ready: Industry-leading technologies effortlessly handle secure login platforms, such as portals for patients, employees and business partners.

Multichannel: Repurpose translated website content for social media, emails, offline documents and more—instantly and at no cost—to reach customers in every channel.

Effortless brand integrity in every market.

MotionPoint’s technology leverages the code and content of your origin website to build multilingual versions. This preserves the look, feel and consistency of your brand in every market.

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Case Study: VITAS Healthcare

Delivering quality and efficiency.

MotionPoint’s technology was built with the specific purpose of minimizing operational complexity for our customers.

We selected MotionPoint because it offered an ideal combination of automation for cost-savings and speed, with human translation to handle the nuances and emotional aspects of our content,” explains Jeff Stewart, an executive at VITAS Healthcare.

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MotionPoint’s solution enables us to process funding applications in multiple languages quickly, consistently, cost-effectively and with high quality

David Nix

Chief Knowledge Officer, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance


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