In many cases, companies need professional translated content for all media channels—including websites, payment platforms, graphics, multimedia, PDFs, email campaigns, printed brochures and more.

If your company needs these full-channel professional translation services, look for a Proxy Website Translation + API/Connector hybrid solution to handle it.

Applying the Proxy Website Translation in a Hybrid Solution

In these scenarios, you can implement a vendor’s content-detecting web crawler and proxy the same way you would with a proxy-powered multilingual site.

You receive the benefits of the proxy’s technology-independent approach, immediate content-detection capabilities, and the elimination of IT effort at launch and ongoing.

Applying an API and/or Connector in a Hybrid Solution

Complementing a proxy website translation solution with an API and/or connector enables you to benefit from a fully controllable, customizable and secure connection to your translations.

In addition, you’ll have access to your vendor’s suite of proxy-based SaaS tools, enabling you to manage your combined proxy, API and connector platform from a single toolset.

This provides a balance between the superior automated performance of proxy translation technology and the complete control offered by an API and/or connector.

What does this hybrid approach look like in the real world? Here is a common business example:

Order Confirmation Email

When a user completes checkout on a translated webpage, the turn-key proxy web server delivers the localized “order completed” web page to the user.

At the same time, your server can use the API to request and receive a translated order confirmation email to send to the customer, even if the content for it exists outside your server in a marketing platform like Hubspot or Marketo.

This tag-team approach can be used for a variety of situations in which your organization needs to partner translated web content with a third-party solution to give your customers a seamless, easy, satisfying online user experience.

The Value of the Proxy-API Hybrid Solution

Combining a proxy translation technology with an API solution is the preferred approach for companies that need robust, nimble translations for content across all media channels. You’ll enjoy all of the upsides of both technologies:

Flexible: Handles any content for any channel.

Simple: No need to reconfigure when switching CMSs or making upgrades.

Adaptable: Can be fully turn-key or more hands-on, depending on your preference.

Time Saving: Works independently of your systems, freeing up your team to handle important daily tasks without interruption.

Scalable: No need for labor-intensive work to launch new content in new markets.

Automated Detection: Changes in content are automatically identified, translated and deployed.

Seamless: Swift translation deployment means users get a great UX.

In addition, the best hybrid solutions are cost-effective, using translation memory databases to allow for easy reuse of existing translations at no added cost, and making it easy for your team to make other changes to the system as needed.

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