Deliver fully localized journeys for buyers and customers.

MotionPoint’s professional linguists expertly translate your documents, sales and marketing assets, in-store signage and more. And our efficient technologies reduce localization costs on an ongoing basis.

A cost-effective approach to document translation.

MotionPoint’s fully turn-key solution is optimized to eliminate the time, effort and expense traditionally associated with document translation. Here are a few benefits to using our approach.

Speed and Savings

When offline content is submitted in certain formats, MotionPoint uses segment optimization and translation memory technologies to accelerate the localization process and reduce costs.

Dramatic Affordability

Using our TranSend tool or API, MotionPoint delivers document translation savings of at least 20%, compared to other vendors. And we cost three times less than in-house approaches, our customers say.

Dedicated Translation Team

MotionPoint assigns a dedicated team of linguists to your project, ensuring that your offline content is accurate—and consistently presents the right brand voice, tone and messaging.

Seamlessly Support Your Buyer’s Journey

If prospects can’t read your content, they won’t buy what you’re selling. Boost engagement and conversions with localized brochures, catalogs, in-store signage, registration forms and more.

Educate In-Country Sales Teams

Empower regional sales and marketing teams with localized content that persuades and educates—all without having to manage the project, or complicated translation and design workflows.

Build Trust with Global Partners

Build lasting and profitable relationships with partners, resellers and distributors by providing accurate, impactful translated documentation about your products and services.

Flexible options for frictionless document translation.

Unlike other vendors, MotionPoint’s approach was designed from Day 1 to eliminate customer effort, not create it. That’s why we offer three practically effortless ways to submit your documents for translation:


Our user-friendly, web-based support portal. MotionPortal makes it easy to send translation requests directly and instantly to our professional linguists.


This tool enables you to use your translation memory—which stores your project’s previously translated content—to localize offline documents on your own. This content is delivered instantly, and at no cost.


Our API accesses your translation memory via an integration between MotionPoint’s solution and your content management platform. It supports a variety of data formats, including HTML, XML and JSON.

World-class people. World-class processes.

MotionPoint hires best-in-class linguists to translate your documents and digital content. Our suite of proprietary and industry-leading tools ensure a world-class look and feel.

Superior translation teams and tools

Here’s how MotionPoint’s technology, linguists and processes deliver excellent results:

Rigorous vetting and hiring methods

Loyal, longstanding customer base

Track record of success in global markets

Translation services available 24/7/365

Market and industry expertise

Wide range of languages for all markets

Innovative translation software

ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 certified

Hands-free translation management

MotionPoint’s turn-key, full-stack translation solution provides:

Project management

File preparation



Desktop publishing

Terminology management

Style guide review


Quality control

An eye for design, detail and cultural relevance.

Our design teams use state-of-the-art tools to meticulously re-create the look and feel of your documents for any market, in any language.

Honors the Source Material

Our designers craft the perfect localized page layout and readability that matches the appearance of the original document—and the visual verve of your brand.

Rigorous Quality Control

Our QA procedures are rigorous from start to finish. Documents are checked against originals for conformity in look, tone and style. We always look for typos, too.

Image and PDF Localization

We detect all translatable content, including text embedded in images. We localize this text using the same font style, colors and design elements as the original image.

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