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Educating Your Biz Dev Director or Sales Manager About MotionPoint’s Solution

Your global salesforce needs localized support materials, content and resources—including websites.

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January 09, 2018


It’s no secret that within many industries and companies, Marketing departments essentially live in service to Sales teams. They respond to Sales’ requests for support materials, content and resources—including translated websites.

It’s not a bad way to run things; after all, Sales has an on-the-ground perspective few marketers are exposed to. Who better to set the pace for content needs?

As a marketer, you’re now looking for ways to serve new global markets with translated websites. MotionPoint’s solution is the answer. But sometimes, you have to do some “selling” of your own, to ensure your business development and sales leaders choose the right vendor.

In this continuing blog series, we help you position the value of MotionPoint’s solution to various stakeholders within your company. Today we address common questions your Global Business Development Director or Sales Manager might have about our approach.

Answers for Global Business Development Directors and Sales Managers

How does MotionPoint guarantee alignment with local sales needs? How does it ensure local teams’ voices are heard?

In-market sales managers and reps have unique insights into the concerns, preferences and buying habits of their customers. That’s why MotionPoint’s proxy solution accommodates the needs of those professionals, empowering them to be as hands-on (or hands-off) with your website translation project as they wish.

Local sales pros seeking a high level of oversight and involvement can participate in our translation workflow—which involves editing, reviewing and approving localized content—to ensure your brand, and key selling points, are well-represented in critical content areas of your localized sites.

MotionPoint’s solution can leverage the actionable insights that in-market sales managers and reps have of their local customers.

Alternately, they can be more hands-off, but still want a degree of editorial or creative input. In these instances, they can consult with your company’s in-market marketing director. They can also interface with MotionPoint’s project manager or account manager.

This ensures they remain part of the conversation—without needing to sign-off on every translated phrase.

Can MotionPoint customize translated content for different markets?

MotionPoint understands that every global market is different, and that a sales program’s success depends on a range of nuanced responses to customer needs.

Cost discrimination, logistic factors and legal requirements change from market to market—and sometimes within a single market. This requires a flexible, adaptable solution that can accommodate market-specific messaging, promotions and perhaps even distinct product offerings.

MotionPoint’s translation solution allows marketing managers to contribute to this content-customization process. Your managers can provide invaluable input on our translations’ tone, and on specific verbiage to be included on localized sites.

If you prefer, you can operate several international “instances” of your website (published in your original primary-market language) and translate each site using MotionPoint’s proxy solution.

You’ll still save time and money translating with MotionPoint. We eliminate the hassle or expense of hiring extra staff to monitor and update your localized sites.

With MotionPoint, your in-market managers provide invaluable input on your translations’ tone, verbiage and more.


You can’t succeed in global markets if you don’t support your company’s local sales teams.

That’s why MotionPoint includes multiple ways for your on-the-ground marketers to provide unique insights for content customization and creation. And it’s why we enable your local sales leaders to choose a level of involvement in the approval process that works best for them.

We also can help ensure that your localized sites include the precise language needed to clear the many market-specific legal and regulatory hurdles of each market you serve. This unique combination of flexibility and precision make MotionPoint a win-win for website translation and localization.

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