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Educating Your Marketing VP or CMO About MotionPoint’s Solution

Discover useful ways to position MotionPoint’s industry-leading approach to your Marketing leadership.

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Dominic Dithurbide

January 17, 2018


As a digital marketer, you know how important it is to communicate with your online global customers in their preferred languages—and you know MotionPoint’s solution is the best on the market. But not everyone at your company might understand the value of website translation.

In this ongoing blog series, we help you position MotionPoint to various stakeholders within your company. Today, we’ll address some common concerns your Marketing VP or CMO might have about our approach.

Answers for Marketing VPs and CMOs

I’ve overseen website translation projects before. It’s a slow and error-prone process. I don’t want to expand to more markets because it’s a pain.

An unpleasant past experience can make anyone hesitant to embark on a new venture—but ignoring potentially lucrative new markets can be a costly mistake.

When it comes to simplicity and responsiveness, MotionPoint’s solution is fundamentally different from other translation approaches. With MotionPoint, you can have your localized site up and running in as little as 30 days. Other vendors can take far longer, costing you potential customers in the interim.

We don’t just guarantee excellent speed-to-market; we provide excellent localized user experiences, too. With a combination of…

  • Industry-leading technologies that monitor your site for content changes
  • A translation workflow optimized for speed and accuracy
  • A QA process that ensures your site’s translated content displays properly on-site

…your localized website will always deliver an immersive, up-to-date experience for your global customers.

An added advantage of MotionPoint’s solution is that there’s no need to revamp your company’s internal processes. We handle all phases of translation, so you don’t need to hire new staff, purchase new software, or reconfigure workflows.

You can also use MotionPoint to gauge potential interest for your brand in new markets by translating only the most strategically-important parts of your website, which can help you decide whether further expansion into a particular marketplace would be beneficial.

We handle all stages of translation, so you don’t need to hire new staff, purchase new software, or reconfigure workflows.

How is this approach efficient? Can you guarantee ROI? Is MotionPoint just another vendor that I’ll waste time having to manage?

MotionPoint’s solution is designed to take time-consuming tasks off your plate, not heap them on. We understand that your marketing team’s time is best spent making your flagship primary-market site the best that it can be. We take the winning content your team creates and multiply its effect across your multilingual sites, without any extra effort on your part.

Another way MotionPoint delivers efficiency is in its workflow. Do you want to hire linguists, editors, and proofreaders fluent in each language and dialect your customers speak? That gets expensive, fast. How will you manage the technical and translation workflows for each global site?

When you consider the cost and complexity of tackling these responsibilities in-house, the advantage of MotionPoint’s solution becomes clear.

MotionPoint also adds value through its SEO technologies. MotionPoint’s solution optimizes not only the content users see, but also the under-the-hood tags, keywords, domains, descriptions and terms that users rarely glimpse, to improve your brand’s rank in search results. We follow Google best practices for SEO-based translation, and are able to optimize for other popular search engines like Baidu and Yandex.

Also, our Global Sitemap capabilities further help improve your site’s SERP, and improves load times by reducing the amount of code that goes on a webpage. And our special parsing algorithm, customized for your website, ensures that you never pay to translate the same content twice.

When you consider the cost and complexity of tackling website translation in-house, MotionPoint’s value becomes clear.

I’m worried about translation quality and brand consistency. I’ve worked with my translation agency for a long time. I don’t know MotionPoint.

If you have an agency you like, you can absolutely continue to use it—while still receiving the benefits of MotionPoint’s technologies. Our API lets your translators leverage the power of MotionPoint’s translation memory (a database of your translated text, informed by a translation glossary and style guide) to localize content for use on your website and beyond.

If you choose to work with MotionPoint’s translators, you can participate in the initial and ongoing website translation process as much as you wish. Engage directly with our team to approve every word choice, translation quality and more. Or you can leave the translation up to us. It’s your call.

And you’ll always have full control of your localized site’s content and strategy. You can personally craft new content for the site, or collaborate with us. We’ll never interfere with your marketing and business goals.


MotionPoint represents a complete departure from traditional translation approaches. Our technologies eliminate the expense of onboarding additional staff and save you the complexity of managing translation workflows for each localized site. We’re skilled at translating and optimizing both the content users see and the metadata they don’t.

And we’re flexible, so you can be as involved in the process as you choose. For even the most skeptical Marketing VP or CMO, that’s a win-win.

Last updated on January 17, 2018
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Dominic Dithurbide is a creative, goal-driven marketing leader that’s dedicated his career to the translation industry. Dominic brings proficiency in global marketing, demand generation, and go-to-market strategies to MotionPoint’s marketing team.

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Dominic Dithurbide

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